Disgaea 4 coming to UK and Europe in Autumn 2011

Fans of the tactical role-playing franchise that is Disgaea will be pleased to learn that an Autumn release date for the fourth instalment of the block busting title has been decided upon by the games’ developers NIS Europe.

With 2011 already having played host to some truly epic continuation’s of established gaming franchises its nice to learn that NIS Europe is planning to mark the return of another firm favourite for RPG gamers with Disgaea 4 in the pipeline.

With a whole host of extra content and new features promised to gamers by the developers, Disgaea 4 looks all set to follow in the esteemed footsteps of its predecessors with the classy JRPG styled title offering up new characters, new races and some stunning new backdrops and locations. But one thing that is sure going to set gamers tongues a-wagging in delightful anticipation is the possibilities that will open up in the all-new ‘user generated content’.

The new concept for Disgaea titles will now allow players to expand the games map’s, locations, characters and senators to permit endless possibilities for innovative gameplay devised in the very minds of those players controlling the game itself.  Combine this cracking new addition to an already stellar feature list in Disgaea 4, and we are sure that you will agree that when put in place with the new data sharing facility and we think that NIS Europe are onto a winner with this title. With the data share feature players will be able to pass on and share their characters details, attributes and abilities with those of their friends and will now be able to take their battle online in some epic party based mayhem that looks all set to set the Disgaea stage alight with its awesome action packed combat mode.

For more details and announcements regarding Disgaea 4 and all other future NIS Europe title releases then make sure that you stay with GamesMediaPro for all the very latest news, reviews and video’s from the gaming industry.


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