APB screams onto your screen with sirens blazing!

Following the highly succesful UK lanch of EA Game’s and Realtime World’s much anticipated and highly impressive online PC multiplayer title, we are pleased to be able to bring you some of the latest screenshots in an attmpt to stave off the ‘hunger’ burning in your stomach as you wait with baited breath for the GamesMediaPro review of the fantastic action game.  Which we are hopin to be abelto bring you, once the EA carrier pigeon that has the copy of the title, finds its way to us through the dense fog and marshlands that surround us here at GamesMediaPro Towers.
APB is a new breed of online game. Set in a persistent living, breathing open-world urban environment where fame and fortune awaits all players. Some players will achieve this by feeding on the city, its people and its businesses…the Criminals. Some will live by a higher code and instead feed on the criminals and their organisations…the Enforcers. This dynamic where players become the core content for other players is one of the many unique features of APB. Its deep, rich customisation system provides players with the ability to completely personalise their identity. Looks, clothing, vehicles and even music, all to astonishing detail and quality.

APB, recently nominated for Best PC Game by 1Up.com at E3 2010, takes the universal theme of Criminals and Enforcers and brings it to a persistent, open-world, online multiplayer setting in the modern, crime-ridden fictional city of San Paro. Some players achieve notoriety by feeding on the city, its people and its businesses…the Criminals. Some live by a higher code and instead feed on the criminals and their organizations…the Enforcers.

Dave Jones, Creative Director of Realtime Worlds, said: “APB shipping to retail represents the fruits of five-years hard work from everyone here at Realtime Worlds. We’re delighted that APB has launched and look forward to seeing how the player-base drives the San Paro story forward through urban conflict and in-depth customization

David DeMartini, Senior Vice-President and General Manager, EA Partners, added: “It’s a great source of pride for us to work with Realtime Worlds in the launch of APB, a game that defines a new genre in online multiplayer action. We look forward to seeing how the streets of San Paro will be shaped over time by the creativity of its virtual citizens.”
APB has already achieved critical acclaim from the press, with accolades such as:

  • “Frantic and enormously entertaining.” Edge
  • “Original, daring and exciting.” PC Zone
  • “APB could well be the definitive action game.” IGN.com
  • “APB innovates to dominate.” NowGamer.com
  • “It’s going to be something else. Truly something else.” Guardian.co.uk

APB is rated 18 by PEGI and M for Mature by the ESRB. APB is available from leading retailers and online from www.apb.com and www.eastore.com at a standard retail price of RRP £34.99. Game includes 50 hours of action gameplay plus unlimited time in APB’s social districts customizing, socializing and trading in the marketplace. Once the 50-hours are up, players have flexibility: top up their game time from as little as £5.59 for an additional 20 hours, or opt to purchase a 30-day unlimited package for only £7.99 with discounts available for 90 and 180 days. APB also provides avenues for accomplished gamers or creators to earn rewards for their creativity and subsidize their ongoing costs with their in-game efforts.

For more information on APB, please visit www.apb.com or http://info.ea.com. Follow APB on Twitter at http://twitter.com/apbgame and Faceboook

For further announcements regarding APB and the full game review then make sure that you stay with GamesMediaPro for the latest news on all Electronic Arts future title releases.


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