Another knockout for the PS3 from Punchers Impact

Punchers Impact Introduces Lucha Fury, its First Multi-Player Beat ’em Up Game for PlayStation® Network

Punchers Impact today unveiled Lucha Fury, the first beat ’em-up game combining the worlds of comics and Lucha Libre (Mexican wrestling).

Lucha Fury follows the adventure of four young and talented wrestlers who spend their lives loafing around until a mysterious shortage of the energy drink, on which they are all hooked, bring them into a fight against the most incredible worldwide conspiracy ever!

Combining horizontal scrolling gameplay and awesome co-op progression for you and a friend or partner to enjoy, ( you can actually go online or offline with up to a total of four friends ), Lucha Fury is a paradise for merciless brutes, high flyers and crazy finishing move addicts. Each player is free to inflict humiliating defeat upon their opponents in their own individual and inimmitable style, and the bouts get steadily more and more intense and impressive with every round and every move. Team play is also greatly enhanced by the multiplayer options available to ‘Tag Teams’ of friends, that will see them setting up complex combo’s and co-op finishing moves co-operatively. The fact that these devastating co-op combo’s not only KO the hapless  opponent opposite but also, and rather satisfyingly, humiliate them thoroughly along the way, is an added bonus.

Lucha Fury will be available for the Playstation 3 via the PSN around the Q4 mark of 2010. Whilst PC gamers can expect to be enjoying this belting ‘Beat ’em Up’ title in the Q1 of 2011.

The game promises quality graphics, and judging from the screenshots that we have for you here, they are not joking as some of the images on display are as impressive as most AAA launch titles. With four player online or offline co-op gameplay available,  Lucha Fury is shaping up to promise a whole lot of fun for those fortunate gamers who support the Sony console and PC.

Players will have great fun as each of the four players’ characters are able to produce very varying styles and finishing moves, and the fact that there are 15 levels with some wickedly  fiendish bosses for you to come up against, the replay value for Lucha Fury increases vastly when you consider playing through the game as each of the characters on offer to you.

For all future developments from Punchers Impact and further details on Lucha Fury make sure that you stay subscribed to GamesMediaPro.


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