White Knight Chronicles II features WKC Original on same Blu-Ray disc!

Thanks to a posting on gaming website N4G by SCEE European Product Manager Ross Alexander we can confirm that the forthcoming Sony exclusive title will have the original White Knight Chronicles as a bonus addition to the coming sequel of the smash hit Role-playing game.                   

With an impressive first look at the spanking new cover work for the upcoming title release, White Knight Chronicles II Sony is giving gamers the best of both world’s with an incentive to purchase the stunning sequel that goes the extra yard as far as bonuses go.

Getting both of the simply spectacular White Knight Chronicles for the price of one, and all contained on the same Blu-Ray edition disc might we add, is pushing the envelope as far as giving back to the customer goes in gaming circles. But that is exactly what Sony Product Manager for Europe Ross Alexander has confirmed in his latest release regarding the forthcoming role-playing bonanza.

Gamers can now look forward to not only enjoying the next episode in the remarkable Sony exclusive, but they will also be able to start the saga at its inception and work through both games consecutively in what promises to be an absolute feast of gaming delights that will keep the player entertained for a truly staggering amount of time.

So hat’s off it is then to Sony, for once more delivering on those promises that they made to us way back when the sequel to White Knight Chronicles was first announced, and also for going that extra yard and ensuring that even newcomers to the franchise will not miss out on a single moment of this truly epic voyage into another realm of magic and mystery.

White Knight Chronicles II will be launched in the UK and Europe on May 19th, 2011. For further details and announcements regarding this and all other future Sony title releases then make sure that you stay with GamesMediaPro for all the very latest gaming news, reviews and interviews.


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