Check out the hook while Nintendo revolves it!

Take on your friends and family in the ultimate online fighting game or nurture your very own fish filled aquarium, as both Toribash™ and Zenquaria™: Virtual Aquarium arrive at the Wii Shop Channel this week.

If you’re keen on that, then make sure you also look out for the classic ninja action on Virtual Console – as Shadow of the Ninja™ makes an entrance.

WiiWare – Toribash™                                 

(Nabi Studios            , 1,000 Wii Points)

Toribash is the online fighting game where you make all the moves. Use precision motion control to create any move you want – the only limit is your imagination. Manipulate your fighter’s joints for maximum impact and take out your opponents with precise hits. Boost your joints for that added speed and strength to hit harder, then grab your opponents and slam them to the ground.

 Fight online and challenge players around the world over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

 Want to make your own fight movies? Just jump into the replay editor. You can enter replays at any point in time and review your fight to catch that mind-blowing move you missed. And when you are done, share it with your buddies through WiiConnect24.

 WiiWare – Zenquaria™: Virtual Aquarium                                                                       

(Nintendo, 600 Wii Points)

Zenquaria turns your TV into a living aquarium. Simply relax by watching the fish, discover fish-keeping facts using the Encyclopaedia, or even swim with the fish using your Mii.

 Spruce up your aquarium with around 40 different fish and a variety of ornaments, wallpapers and plant life. Visit every day and see your aquarium change – your fish will grow and new fish may be born. Life continues in your aquariums even while the Wii console is switched off.

 View your aquarium from a variety of camera angles to get a good look at your fish (including a fish’s eye view) and select a fish to view facts such as its scientific name and habitat. Finally, dive in with your Mii to feed the fish, or hunt for trivia icons to discover fish-related facts.  

 Virtual Console – Shadow of the Ninja™                         

(Natsume Inc., NES, 600 Wii Points)

Get ready for furious side-scrolling, platforming ninja action. The mad emperor Garuda holds the city trapped in his diabolical claws. Only two brave ninja warriors dare to stand against him. They move as silently as shadows in the snow, swift and graceful as the wind, and strike with the explosive fury of razor-clawed tigers.

 Playing solo or co-op with a friend, you’ll slice, bomb, and shuriken your way through Garuda’s army of vicious soldiers, agile ninjas, and monstrous robots. Use your ninja skills to hang from moving platforms, leap over lethal pitfalls, and dodge diabolical traps. Collect deadly powerups to give yourself an edge against the overwhelming odds that face you…if you can hold on to them. It’ll take your entire platforming prowess to navigate the game’s thirteen intense levels and bring some old-fashioned ninja justice to Garuda!

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