New Crackdown 2 Screens Are Just Smokin’


Judging by these fine images that we have on display for you here, for the upcoming title release from Microsoft Game Studio’s we can safely say that Crackdown 2 looks hotter than ever!!

With little under a week left to go for all you eager Crackdown fan’s to get your paw’s on your pre-ordered copy of Microsoft Game Studio’s latest outing into the chaos and mayhem that are the streets of Pacific City, we bring you all some of the best screenshots that we have held in reserve for those of you out there who need to have another ‘quick fix’ of their gaming habit.

With just days to go, and some of the more staunch supporters of the awesome Microsoft title marking off the days on their home made Crackdown Calendars, the anticipation and expectation is building rather nicely, we think, in preparation for what we see to be a sort of campaign of ‘Carpet Bomb Coverage’ for the open world  Cops’n’Robbers type RPG. Not that we are complaining, as if anything we expected to see a litle more advertising for one of Microsoft’s more ‘cult classic’ titles? I mean, has anyone seen much of the ad’s on TV?  But then again I suppose it was always going to be hard for any title to be released at the same time as the fantastic looking new  Xbox360 Elite S.

But the again, if there was any title that could even make a dent in the impact the all new Xbox360 Elite S is going to make, then it was always going to have to be something really special, and that is just what we here at GamesMediaPro believe that you are going to be getting when Crackdown 2 gets its UK release. And all only 7 little days before the launch of Microsoft’s impressive looking Xbox360 Elite S.  There are few titles that would even register on the radar next to such an absolutely enormous gaming announcement.

Of course people will say that there is still a week between the two and that should be more than enough time for any title to make an impact of its own. But to be honest with you all, we don’t think that even 7 days head start on one of the biggest gaming product launches in Microsoft’s history, a product that heralds in a completely new era in gaming for Microsoft and Xbox360 owners around the World, and opens up a whole new direction for the developers of titles for the platform, should be played down as ‘plenty of time?’ As no matter how big your title may be, lets face facts here people, the news of the new Xbox360 console was always going to be bigger and better.  I mean ever since the announcement of the launch of the new Xbox360 Elite S there has been one topic on all the lips of 360 gamers the World over and that is the new console. So as you can guess, for Crackdown 2 to still be grabbing the spotlight and and the headlines even after such an announcement is a testament to the quality of title that you will be lucky enough to be playing come July 9th, 2010. We will, of course, be bringing you the review of the title as the launch day approaches ever nearer so stay tuned.

For further developments regarding Crackdown 2 and all other future Microsoft and Xbox360 titles then make sure you register with GamesMediaPro to get all of the gaming headlines first!


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