5 ANONymous arrests in UK over Sony hack

With the fiasco surrounding the hacking of the Playstation Network entering into its second week of outages for Sony gamers worldwide UK police arrest five ANONymous members

Following the onset of the cyber terrorists ‘Operation Payback’ UK police have swooped to make five arrests of the so-called ‘hackers group’ ANONymous    

Reports are coming in of several arrests made here in the UK, and also of two more in the United States, of suspected members of the internet hacking collective known as ‘ANONymous’.  Five of the faceless cyber terrorists, that have recently turned their finger tapping tools of torment against global corporate against Sony and their online gaming community, are believed to be held in connection with the current outage of the Playstation Network and the theft of over 70 Million of its users identities, including credit card details and personal information.

Sony has yet to make a statement regarding the arrests, and how they wish to proceed against the hackers in question from a legal standpoint, but if the letter of the law were to be applied and upheld in the strictest sense of the word then the digital thieves could well be facing up to 10 years imprisonment for their part in what has to be the largest breach of online security systems since Gary McKinnon smashed the US Department fo Defence computer’s in 2001-2002.

With online communities right across the internet having some sense of kinmanship with the Japanese giant Sony it would seem that the only thing ANONynmous have managed to succeed in doing with this latest stunt is to alienate their freedom of information cause in th eyes of the very gamers that they claimed to represent.


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