Alien Breed 2: Assault makes mincemeat of the competition

Team 17 score another hit in the Alien Breed franchise as the sequel to the awesome Impact becomes its successor.

With alien hordes a plenty and expansive gaming area’s Team 17 have managed to create a follow-up to their highly enjoyable sci-fi romp as Alien Breed: Assault takes the crown of the downloadable king.

The announcement this week that see’s the highly successful Alien Breed franchises third outing coming to the Playstation Network for the discerning arcade gamer was welcomed with open arms by the staff here at GamesMediaPro. Having thoroughly enjoyed both previous outings by the developers at Team 17 we were more than optimistic at the prospect of getting our grubby little hands on the sci-fi shooter title. As you can imagine then we were very pleased when the review code landed and we were once again treated to the title by the nice people behind the scenes.

The story of the game is simple enough and allows gamers to understand the premise and the format so that instead of sitting through hour after of pointless back story and character building dialogue we get straight into the action.  You play through the game as the ill-fated engineer Conrad. Doomed to spend his days fighting off hordes of alien invaders who are all baying for his blood, as he struggles against all the odd’s in his quest to follow the ships artificial intelligence Mia as the ship’s computer guides him around the listing hull of his stricken craft The Leopold as it clings desperately to life following an impressive collision with another spacecraft of unknown origin.

What we are treated to then is a space faring adventure that has the element of Run’n’Gun action running right through it. Those gamers who have had the benefit of playing through the first two games in the series, Evolution and Impact, will fully understand and appreciate the no-nonsense approach to the storyline and gameplay. Solid and dependable graphics that have been the stalwart of the series right from its inception into to the gaming world have once again been lavished upon the gamer as Team 17 have pulled out all the stops to provide the gamer with an arcade title that would be worthy of the full-blown disc based release, and with gameplay that is as compelling and addictive as it is in AB: Assault it would more than stand up and stand out against other titles in its genre. Players will relish the challenging non-stop action a the multitudes of multi-coloured monsters come out of every cracked flooring grate and fractured air duct to wreak havoc as they constantly attack over and over in waves of never-ending blood-curdling ferocity.

There are, thankfully, a myriad of weapons and assorted frag and stun grenades and plenty of ammunition lying around for the player to make his or her last stand as you go off in search of your set objectives. Save points are also mercifully aplenty here and are strategically placed so that even though you are never quite out of the thick of the action you will always be safely respawned.

You will, at times, find yourself being instructed by Mia to return to an area from which you had previously explored only to have to shut off a valve or restart a power node, this just makes the game thicker in content and if you think that you can just run back through empty corridors with your heels ringing out an echoing staccato psalm for the fallen victims of your pinpoint accuracy shooting then think again. Wherever you go, the aliens are sure to follow as they are constantly in search of your character as they seek to end the final life of this stubborn last human who will no go quietly into the night. So whether or not you are running into a new zone, or old, always make sure that you have plenty of ammunition stockpiled as no matter where you go on the Leopold you are in for one tough cookie of a fight.

For those of you who have a friend or loved one to hand to assist you in your task there is always the option to attempt the co-op mode and take on the alien force as a twosome. Team 17 have also included the excellent Survival Mode this time around also and it makes for a fantastic experience that gamers will find akin to Nazi Zombies in Call of Duty World at War or Gears of War’s Horde Mode. Players must survive for as long as possible against ever increasing numbers of alien invaders as the gameplay gets fast and furious and the lead and lasers fly.

When all is said and done the fact that a downloadable only title can offer up this amount of great gaming and fun and all for the paltry sum that is requires by your chosen network provider id a testament to the game developers. Well might other studio’s take a leaf out fo the Team 17 book as if they can bring to the gamer a title that has this much quality action contained in its gameplay while at the same time having high standard graphics and a fantastic co-op and additional survival mode then why, it seems, can others not follow suit? Credit, then, must go where indeed it is surely deserved and that is to Team 17 for once again bringing a true gaming gem to the public.

Graphics: Looking like the true continuation of the first two titles and continuing in the manner in which Team 17 began the series, Alien Breed 2: Assault is great looking top down shooter that looks as good as it plays and it plays brilliantly.        7

Gameplay: Cracking gameplay that is compelling and very nearly the gaming equivalent of your favourite dish, as it will see you returning time and again thanks to the great controls and game modes to have yourself another helping of this quality title. 7

RePlay Value: The campaign will hold you captive for at least 7-8 hours and even then it will see you coming back for me on harder settings or just to replay it again thanks to the sterling work done by the developers on the gameplay mechanics. The additional modes of the co-op and survival experiences will be what brings back the gamers time and time again.   8

Presentation: From top to bottom what you get when you purchase any of Team 17’s first-rate arcade title in the Alien Breed series is some of the finest gaming experiences that you will ever likely to have had from a download only title. You certainly get a lot of gaming fun for very little of your hard-earned cash.  8


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