E3 2010, Sega announce Yakuza 4

With nothing more to go on other than the collection of cracking screenshots that Sega unleashed on an expectant gaming public at thE3 2010 expo in Los Angeles, we are now able to bring those same screenshots to you, our loyal readers, but alas…not much more than that we are sorry to say.

Information that gamers may of course be able to glean from the displaying of these images obviously include such facts as the series anti-hero Kazuma looks set to make his return to his high kicking and sword swinging ways. The imagery, it has to be said looks as good as it has ever been, if not better, as Sega seem to be all out with the intention of using the awesome power of the Playstation to bring the continuing saga of Kazuma to the gaming public.

As we stated earlier, no details with regard to characters, storyline or even an expected release date were made available at the E3 2010 presentation, however we are assuming that, as in past titles in the history of the Yakuza franchise, that the fourth outing in the Mafia-esque thriller will be a continuation of the trials and tribulations of main character Kazuma, as he struggles to break free from his previous life, but yet somehow is always dragged back to face his demons once more, as ghosts from his past turn up unannounced on his doorstep with a glint of murderous intention set firmly in their eyes.

We are hoping to see a return to form for the Yakuza series with the familiar inclusion of the mini-games once again. The Mini Golf and Karaoke from the previous instalement in the franchise where just two of our favourites. Another feature that we are optimistically hoping to see return in Yakuza 4 will be the inclusion of real-life activities that saw our hero engaging in every day life in the absolutely beautifully renderred locales of Tokyo and Okinawa. The combat system will no doubt be tweaked at some point by the development team, but I am hoping that they adopt the attitude that ‘ if it ain’t broke, then why try to fix it?’ As personally, the boys and girls here at GamesMediaPro found that the way the game had an almost seamless transition into the games combat was a credit to the games designers.

Stay with GamesMediaPro for all the news from Sega on all their future titles.


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