TT Games announce new Sam & Max for PS3 and PC

Telltames Games send word that the cracking download only title Sam & Max, is to have an outing on Playstation Network and PC from today in the US, though  we in the UK and in Europe will have to wait another week for our opportunity to play in the latest ‘DevilsPlayhouse’ extravaganza entitled Sam and Max “The Tomb of Sammun Mak” ( did you see what they did there? ) as it will not be available until wednesday May 26th, 2010. (sigh)

Nevertheless we are here to tell you that all jealousy of the US audience aside, it is a title well worth waiting for as the dodgy duo of detectives make a triumphant return to  form in this series of games that will be unveiled one download at a time for the next five months.

In this episode, our heroes cross paths with an even more bizarre and dangerous pair of characters — their own great-grandparents! These characters set out on their trippiest trip yet in The Tomb of Sammun-Mak, leapfrogging across ten decades and possibly as many continents (we haven’t counted) in search of the mysterious force that’s causing all the trouble.

Where did it come from? Why is it triggering Max’s latent psychic powers? Why is it desired by everyone aboard the Disorient Express? And what, exactly, is the Secret of the Sphunx?

So watch this space for more details of the further adventures of Sam and max, and for full details of the game as well as how you can pre-order the download then why not go to the games website at:


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