We love Bethesda, we love them so much in fact that every Saturday afternoon we have a little time reserved for when we eat a special Bethesda cake from our Bethesda bowl. Its blue, and its wonderful.

In what we hope to be the first of many direct links to some of the studio’s blog sites? We are pleased to announce our Bethblog Link. Your direct line to all thing Bethesda Softworks and Obsidian Entertainment related.

Take for example this fine ‘stallion’ of a man pictured to your right. Known to some as Scott L, yet to others as the creative genius for Fallout New Vegas and Audio Director at Bethesda Softworks. Ever wondered how manages to create such stunning pieces of work time and again? Well, wonder no more as you can step inside the mind of the man at Bethsblog. This may give you an insight to the kind of topic that you may find there? Or not.


2 Responses to BETHBLOG

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