Make sure you check out the Wii Shop Channel this week, as they are jam packed with new games.

Wii owners will be pleased to know that there are two new action thrillers now available on WiiWare: Pearl Harbor Trilogy – 1941: Red Sun Rising and Kung Fu Funk™ – Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting!

WiiWare – Pearl Harbor Trilogy – 1941: Red Sun Rising                                                

(Legendo Entertainment, 700 Wii Points)

Pearl Harbor Trilogy – 1941: Red Sun Rising is the first title in a set of three air-combat action games for WiiWare.

 Take off from aircraft carrier decks and historical military bases as you conduct covert strikes, engage in furious dogfights and fly search and destroy missions. Pilot the most prolific fighter, bomber and torpedo-bearing aircraft of the WWII Pacific Theatre.

 Featuring two campaigns spanning the early years of the Pacific War, you can play as either the United States Naval Air Force or the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Force. You can also choose to practice your combat skills in the Avenging Ace or Survival dogfight modes.

WiiWare – Kung Fu Funk™ – Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting!

(Stickmen Studios, 500 Wii Points)

Kung Fu Funk is an off the wall 1970’s Kung Fu movie themed party game. Challenge up to three of your friends to see who has what it takes to become the ultimate Kung Fu master. There are many trials to overcome in three zany game modes. True to any Kung Fu movie you start with learning the Zen arts, a chilled out mode to get you familiar with the controls. Once your skills are fully waxed you enter the Kung Fu training movie montage which consists of insane mini-games. Once your skills are honed, you enter the ultimate battle as the instructor in your own disco Kung Fu dojo.

 Kung Fu Funk is played using Wii Remote and optionally the Nunchuk. You will have to perform all kinds of Kung Fu to progress. If you decide you don’t want to use the Nunchuk you can just unplug it at anytime to play one handed.    

For more details on all forthcoming Nintendo and WiiWare title releases then stay with your GamesMediaPro.


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