Rock Band;Green Day ‘Welcome to Paradise’ Review

Green Day Rock Band gets the review treatment from GamesMediaPro following the launch of the impressively sized five album, 47 track content put out there by EA Games. 

First things first in this review of Rock Band’s ‘Green Day’ content. We are huge fan’s of Green Day here in the office, so bear that in mind when you are reading this review. We don’t mean that we may have a biased leaning towards giving the title an unrealistsic score, far from it. It will get what it deserves, nothing more and nothing less. However, what we do want you to take into account is that when reading through this review, we feel that to get the best enjoyment from it, you must insert a copy of any of the included albums and listen to it at a volume that will make your parents ears bleed. Done that? Okay, then let’s begin…kick it!!

In only the second of the franchises ‘band specific’ titles, EA’s Rock Band has brought the game out of the 60’s with their last offering from The Beatles no less, and added a far more up-to-date feel with one of the biggest band’s in the World, at the moment. As we stated during the introduction to the piece, the game features all the Green Day album’s from their seminal ‘Dookie,’ right up to, and including, their latest release ’21st Century Breakdown.’ All 47 of the tracks from each of the album’s on offer feature in the game, and there are some inspired unlockable content inclusion’s that will give fans, and newcomers to the band alike, more cause to smile than frown at the decision to feature Green Day as the second of the ‘band specific’ titles  for Rock Band.

The way that EA have managed to capture the energy of such a great live act as Green Day is a testament to some of the excellent motion capture on display, and will have players bouncing around the living room’s like loon’s as they mimic the onstage antic’s of Billie Joe and the boys. Another fine detail that EA have managed to pick up on was the way that when you play tracks from different era’s in the band’s history, then the appearances of the artists will change to incorporate some of the features and fashions that they were sporting at the time of the song’s release.And not forgetting that gamers have everything from BasketCase to 21 Guns on offer for their musical entertainment, then they can expect some drastic alterations to Tres’ hairstyles and the some of the outfits worn by the band.

The venues are nicely shot with enough variety to keep up the interest of the gamer, but there are not too many as to lose the gamers will to live trying to unlock them all. Although some of the more seasoned players out there may find that the musical range offered by Green Day is not as challenging as others, there is still more than enough to get your teeth into, and whats more, newcomers to the series will not feel overawed or overwhelmed by the game, which makes for a far more attractive proposition for new players wishing to experience the World of Rock Band. The only thing that we may have done given the opportunity with Green Day Rock Band would have been to include the previously released DLC tracks from the band. That been said it’s a minor gripe that, when put against the huge sprawling selection of hits at your fingertips, makes more for an itch that you can scratch, as opposed to one that is just out of reach. One which we also felt was outwieghed, not just by the sheer size of the track content on offer and also the fact that the songs are available still for download, but by the amount of raw footage and previously unreleased still photography of the band that is available for the player to unlock. Not to mention the awesome MTV interview’s and live performances of the band from all points in their glittering careers.

Other good news regarding the Green Day Rock Band title is the fact that you will be able to fully export all the content to Rock Band 2, and ultimately to Rock Band 3. Yes, it will cost you almost twice what you have previously had to pay, but to answer that we simply refer you back to the sheer weight of content that EA and Green Day have included in this game to understand why such a price tag is there in the first place. Just imagine the cost of prchasing those albums on CD for example.

So there you have it, the review for Green Day Rock Band, and it certainly has been a nice ‘Welcome to Paradise’ for the band.  Even as huge fans of Green Day we can still recommend this title to those gamers out there who are not. Green Day Rock Band gets a worthy 9.


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