Create something fun today with EA


EA’s latest piece of participation gaming has players using the power of their imagination to complete the challenges at hand. How will the game stand up to scrutiny following the GamesMediaPro review? Join us and find out as we go in search of our hidden creative side .

Now that we have had the opportunity to spend a little time  with EA’s latest piece of interactive software, we have to say that we are slowly uncovering a seemingly inexhaustible supply of previously unknown talents that were lying buried beneath the surface of our gruff laddish exterior. Is this a good thing? Well yes, actually, it is. Considering that the previous sum total of our creative talent was a half-baked attempt at a Supermarine Spitfire Airfix kit when we were still in short trousers, that somehow managed to end up looking like a huge grey suppository despite all my best ‘creative’ efforts, this surprising turn of events has led us to attempt to nurture this new-found artistic streak. How proud would my parents have been.

Create is not, as some people have wrongly diagnosed, just a clone of another famous sack clothed puppet and his recently launched sequel. Create is a different kind of animal altogether. Far from being just another platformer that requires you to construct the entire title from scratch. A premise which still leaves me smiling every time I see developers picking up awards for a game that is, in essence, player made. However due to the short-sightedness of the vast majority of games reviewers out there, Create has been labelled before its even had a chance to get itself off the ground, and somewhat unfairly might I add.

The fact is that Create is interactive puzzle based game that allows the player to use objects and materials to overcome the problems and puzzles that are tasked to the gamer at the onset of the level.  No twee hessian based harridan hacking up lump’s of horse hair and not a sack-shaped simpleton anywhere in sight. So instead of joining the ‘naysayer brigade,’ we opt to do as we always do here at GamesMediaPro, and bring you the review of the positives, as opposed to jumping all over a title and bringing you negatives that are, quite frankly, only negative if you want them to be?

Create is a game that is made up of set levels that are fiendishly loaded with Create Challenges and Create Chains that the player must solve if they are to progress through the game. The Create Challenges may offer the player such posers as moving an object from one side of a level to the next. Sound easy? That’s as maybe, but when the level design consists of a gaping crevice with no visible means of crossing said chasm, then the even the simplest of objectives starts to take on a far more trickier outlook. That being said there is always the Create Chains to watch for as well as they require you to use your more creative side to colour your surroundings and the levels with anything from stickers to paints and materials. All sounds easy enough but when you are tasked to move objects across your level using a hotchpotch of rag-tag items that look like the most inappropriate collection of junk ever assembled , it is then the ‘Create-ivity’ side of your personality has to kick in and come up with varying degree’s of ingenuity to overcome your dilemma. The same goes for the Create Chains, You may have been tasked to adorn a level but are given scant tools to accomplish the job, what then do you do? You ‘create’ and you adapt, and you improvise. Which is exactly what the developers at EA and their Bright Lights Studio want you to do.

Along the way there are a whole host of ‘sparks’ to earn, which is handy as these are the very things that the game requires you to be in possession of if you are to unlock further hidden levels a rewards, and there are a veritable plethora of tools, objects, paints, stickers and items for you to achieve if you are successful in completing the tasks set to you in your objectives. There are a set fourteen levels each with their own set of ten Challenges and five Chains apiece. That is before you hopefully unlock all that the game has to offer. So if you thought that this was going to be an exercise in speedy playthroughs then think again, there is plenty to do in Create, and even more so with all the additional content that is hidden throughout the game just waiting for you to put on your thinking cap and unlock all the bonuses.

The control system is easy enough so that the younger players will not find it too fiddly or difficult, but it has to be said that the Playstation 3 version and the Nintendo Wii versions do benefit from the use of the Move and WiiMote respectively.

So to summarise EA’s new interactive title, Create is a great place to start for younger gamers so that they may experience the way that interactive games are fast becoming one of the largest growing genre’s in modern gaming. There is just so much to see and do in EA’s title that it will keep the kid’s occupied for hours on end as they try to fathom a solution to the problem at hand. Highly educational and great fun too Create could be the start of something new from EA and Bright Lights Studio’s?

Graphics: Innovative and interactive are just two of the words that constantly spring to mind when describing EA’s latest title. Create looks great as it takes you on an amazing journey through a world just begging for participation from the player. There are no problems to be found and everything run’s just as the developers at Bright Lights wanted it too. Great fun.     7

Gameplay: Create is a new take on a familiar format. With its constant battle of wit’s between the player and the problems and puzzles contained within, it is with a genuine sense of achievement that you reach the end of a level after discovering the solution. A great game and a great tool for children and parents to learn to work together.   7

RePlay Value: It is only a matter of time before the puzzles are all solved and the chains are all linked. But the good news is that the length of time that it will take is considerable as you are constantly flummoxed by the head-scratcher set to you by the developers. No doubt there is to be the added bonus of additional content at some point in the future, and here’s hoping that there is already a sequel in the offing?   7

Presentation: As with all EA titles the game is a highly professional, polished affair that looks as good as it plats and it plays beautifully. Crammed to the gunwale’s with content and stacked with hidden bonuses for you to uncover Create has taken the genre by surprise, and we hope that it has the commercial success that it so very obviously deserves.    7


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