DOOM II Hits XBLA Exclusive

Great news has come to us  here at the home of GamesMediaPro, with the latest announcement from Bethesda Softworks that the absolutely classic title,  DOOM II is now available for immediate download for your gaming pleasure from XboxLive Arcade

Initially launched way back in the prehistory setting of 1994, when Brit Pop ruled the World and Jarvis Cocker wiggled his DLC at a stunned Michael Jackson, DOOM II  holds a firm place of love and respect in every gamers heart for the sheer depth of gaming quality it brought to the player, and for the absolutely immense campaign mode.

But to enhance your gaming experience , the developers have not only released the game with tweaked and better graphics, but they have also surpassed themselves by adding features such as online multiplayer and online co-op, so you can happily blast away with the partner of your choice over XboxLive.

The classic PC title now comes to console gamers with the superb sounding 5.1 dolby digital  quality echoing and resounding into your ears, as well as the Hi-Def display and an encyclopeadia of extra’s, such as the all-new achievements, weapons and additional bload-soaked environment’s for you to take down the hordes of extra monsters that will be attempting to airriate your oesophagus, whilst defeacating into your trachea, DOOM II will have you reliving your mis-spent youth at break neck speed and with the same ‘pant-wetting’ reults.

We are predicting that this will be a colossus on XBLA,  just as it was for the PC way back in the day when Liam Gallagher was still screeching about “Cigarette’s and Alcohol”,  still , not all memories are as pleasant as the ones we have of DOOM II now are they? Remember the haircuts in ’94? Exactly.

You start the game with only your trusty pistol as you search the corridors of Hell for better and more powerful weaponry, whilst simultaneously searching for your friends. All the while being aware that you must always be the hunter, or else you are to be the prey to the hordes of Hellish monsters that are scouring the areas looking to terminate your lifesigns with extreme prejudice.

As you progress throughout the game you will arm yorself with all the familiar weapons from the original DOOM, lest we forget the infamous ‘sniper shotgun’. This is DOOM like No-One has ever seen before, with six new enemies as well as a staggering 32 new levels for you to fight through, either with a friend over XboxLive or splitscreen? Or maybe you just fancy a bash at running through the winding passage ways of hell all on your lonesome? Whatever way you do play DOOM II, and we  suggest that you do play it, just make sure that you play it soon. This is one of the truly all-time great’s as far as the gaming industry is concerned. If there was to be Hollywood Boulevard style gaming equivalent ‘Walk of Fame,’  then DOOM would have the cloven feet and ragged claws of a Demon set in cement to prove it was great from the start.

Let’s also not forget the awesome Team Deathmatch mode, where you and three of your friends will be able to battle it out using splitscreen or over XboxLive. Couple that with the never been seen before extra bonus level and the custom outfits for your player from DOOM and DOOM II, and  you can thank your lucky stars that it was Bethesda who have brought this package to you ,as the whole thing is to cost you a pittance of price at a mere 800 Microsoft Points. What more could you possibly ask for?

DOOM II from Bethesda Softworks is available from XboxLive Marketplace now!!


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