Killing Floor rips through the ratings!

Tripwire and Iceberg Interactive bring you one of the greatest Zombie shoot’em up’s available for the PC  to date!


Make sure that you have your best weapon’s and as much ammo as you can carry as we take you on a C0-oP ride through the imagination of Tripwire Interactive!

If there is one genre that we love and treasure above all other’s here at GamesMediaPro Towers then it has to be the slaughter and scare’s that await us in the ‘Survival Horror’ category. So as you can probably already imagine it is with mouth-watering delight that we get to bring the review for Tripwire and Iceberg Interactive’s awesome gore-fest that is ‘Killing Floor.’

Killing Floor is the Co-oP action shooter title that pit’s you, and up to five other of your maggot-bag hunting kin, against the meat-sacks of the Zombie horde that you will face over five different levels.

Set in the heart of rural England in a shadowy laboratory that is specializing in Bio engineering. Everything is working well for the eggheads’ in the white coat’s until there is a breakout by the ‘specimens.’ The genetically enhanced and modified ‘subjects’ are quick in the overpowering of their once masters as they wreak bloody vengeance on the scientists and staff of the laboratory. They rapidly expand on the escape and bring their brutal terror onto the streets of England, as they rip and tear their way through every sinew and bone of the English citizens that unfortunately find themselves caught up in a war they can’t win against an enemy they can’t defeat.

Enter ‘Player 1’, that being you by the way, to come to the aid of the poor English public before these abomination’s of science and genetic engineering turn them into little more than a snack between meal’s. Kind of ‘human Milky Way’ if you will? The citizen you can eat between meal’s without ruining your appetite.  So arm yourself with whatever you have to hand and take the fight back to the ‘Test Subjects’ or share the same fate as those  who dithered and hesitated before you as ‘Specimen 7’ happily lunches on your entrail’s and makes a doggy bag to take home later of your ‘unmentionables.’

As far as the storyline and character background’s go in Killing Floor, that’s all you are going to get, and to be quite frank, it’s worked in the games favour to be honest with you. There’s no need to spend the first few hours of the gameplay wandering around some random home of a soon-to-be-eaten character as he describes his childhood trauma’s at not having his first kiss until he left school, or that his Dad never bought him a red bike when he was seven? Killing Floor is an ‘action shooter’, that you play as a single player using the very capable AI as your teammates, or you can choose to attack the title head-on with up to five friend’s or loved ones? So all of this blurb about back stories and character depth is about as useful a chocolate fireguard when you have a wild-eyed Genetic Mutation salivating all over your face as he deliberates whether or not to start with your nose or your eyes. I’m sure that it may come to some gamer’s aid as they get chased by a multitude of baying specimen’s that they know that their character was really an Inland Revenue accountant with two kid’s and a cocker spaniel, but not to ours. I would much rather know what weapon I had that would do the most damage to the mob of crazed cannibal’s before they chewed my leg off than knowing that my bloke was a Doctor having trouble paying his mortgage. So forgive me if I don’t get to upset by the lack of story and background. I came here to chew bubblegum and kick ass! And I got plenty of both just waiting for those maggot sacks!

So now that you know what the game is about let’s get on to the actual mechanic’s of the title shall we? The gameplay itself is made of the simplest format. Get gun, see bad guy…blow bad guy’s bits off. Rinse and repeat! What more could anyone ask?

The gameplay work’s in its favour too as you don’t waste time tracking down pointless collectibles or following the most tenuous of plotlines to nothing objectives that bear little to no relation to the game. You came to Killing Floor because you wanted to shoot Zombie’s with your friend’s whilst using some fo the most realistic weaponry available, and thankfully, to Tripwire and Iceberg’s credit, that’s exactly what you have got!

You kick off your expedition into madness by selecting one of the six perk’s that are made available to you. This works best if you and your teammates take the time to discuss tactic’s and strength’s and weaknesses prior to selection as going into the battle with a collection of medic’s is going o do little to enhance your team’s chances for survival. However, should you take this as an opportunity to play to each of your teammates strength’s then you will have a far greater probability of success in your missions. For example, don’t make the guy in your group who is the best shot a Medic. Just like if a guy is fast at melee, give him a chainsaw? If you know that you are good at spotting the dangers around you yet are a Jack of All Trades rather than a Master of None, then why not try your hand at Medic so that at least you will be able to see comrades in need and still have enough talent to keep yourself and your fallen teammate alive as you heal them? The same needs to be done if you do fancy taking the game on in the single player campaign. Make sure that you kit your team out to the best of their abilities.

Getting into the thick of it in Killing Floor and blasting away at your enemies is a truly satisfying experience thanks to some fantastic weapon’s design. The gun’s and rifles all feel like the genuine articles as the developer’s have paid attention to even the most minute details in their quest to bring the gamer a life-like scenario. The way that the weapons behave as you handle them, whether it be firing from the hip or using the excellent iron sights, is remarkable in its clarity. Right down to the metallic ‘ching’ of the ejected rounds, from the auto’s and semi-automatic weapon’s, just feels ‘right’ and true to life. We have to say though, that we found it far more agreeable to snap in and out of the shot as opposed to the run and gun ‘hip spray’ style adopted by a lot of FPS players. As we have just described the true nature and behaviour of the weaponry in Killing Floor it is only right to commend the development team’s for the true to life way that the rifles respond to even the stance of the gunman firing. To just adopt a ‘spray and pray’ attitude is to invite death as your round’s will ping of everything and everyone except your intended target. However just taking the time to plan and execute the shot with life-like precision and protocol’s will result in a far superior shot that obliterates your foe with malice.

In between rounds you will come across the games ‘Traders.’  These are the people who will have everything that you and your Zombie-hunting buddies will need for your prolonged assaults and we can heartily suggest that you plan your round exit as close to the Trader’s as possible to gain the maximum time with which to decide on weapon’s upgrades, ammunition purchases and the like. What we discovered on a number of occasions was that after we had trekked around the level’s expansive and panoramic map looking for the last surviving enemy combatant, (only to discover him miles from where we were originally), we had then to hurry back to the Trader only to find that we had no time to adequately assess and replace our ammunition supplies and restock our teammates too. So heed this advice gamers for fear you suffer this indignity also. There is nothing worse than hearing a Dead Man’s Click from your weapon in the middle of battle.

In a nice touch during the game’s actual combat there is also the opportunity to have some of your team  weld shut the doors behind you to cut off your pursuers as they encroach on your territory. On numerous occasion’s we were extremely grateful to the arc welder boy in our outfit for saving us all from being Monster Bait! However this knife can cut both way’s it has to be noted as also on more than one occasion we ourselves welded shut a door only to discover that we had left a comrade on the wrong side of the portal and the only thing we could hear from him was the muffled sounds of curses and bones crunching. Oh, well. You can’t make a omelete without breaking egg’s.

There have been many rumbling’s regarding the games graphics and the fact that it was a UT3 mod from back in the day. Well all that I have to say on the matter is that if the result of being a five-year old mod mean’s that I get some of the darkest, scariest and best first person shooting action to be found on any format. then I just wish that they would make more of them! This game is great! I love the fact that you just jump straight in to the action. I love the way the weapons handle and behave, the way the foreboding and claustrophobic environments make for frantic battling and frenzied shoot out’s at seemingly never-ending wave upon wave of fetid, nightmarish enemies that just keep coming at you relentlessly. It’s what you want a Co-oP FPS shooter to be. If you want to play a game with  a storyline and get deeply involved with the characters then play Alan Wake. But if you just want to go out all gun’s blazing with your friend’s as if you were at some sort of ‘Zombie Alamo’, then you have got to go out and get yourself a copy of Killing Floor.

Graphics: Though the game has been on the shelves of your local retailer a little while now it has to be said that when we popped this title into the drive we were too busy blasting monsters and fighting for our very lives to be concerned with the quality of the renders, such was the compelling gameplay in the title. That being said it gives a solid performance and ha aged better than most FPS titles on the market.               7

Gameplay: Does exactly what it says on the tin! Billed as a First-Person Shooter  Co-oP survival horror, and that is exactly what it is. If you liked Left 4 Dead then why not take it to where the adult’s play? A shoot’em up of the highest order!   9

RePlay Value: Bearing in mind that it was little over a week ago that there was update that included modding kits for the Traders, and that has been DLC already released for the game, we can safely say that there is many a gaming an hour spent alone or amongst friends enjoying this title.                    8

Presentation: Overall we have thoroughly enjoyed our time with Killing Floor. The game is nothing if unpretentious and this is demonstrated beautifully in its ‘no nonsense’ approach to the storyline, and the fact that it just thrusts you into the chaos of battle immediately. Online with friends is fantastic and great fun with the value for money being unsurpassed. A great purchase. 8




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