Worms2: Armaggedon gets the GamesMediaPro review treatment

With the game’s sister title Worms:Reloaded being released mere weeks ago, will  Worms 2:Armageddon have what it takes to sway gamers to its manic charms? Come with us at GamesMediaPro as we endeavour to find out.

Ask any gamer who owns a PC if they have ever had the pleasure to indulge in the crazy combat shenanigans of the Worms from Team 17 and they will answer with a positive response as you notice a sly and nostalgic smile appears on their faces. These murderous little soldiers first appeared on our monitors way back when Cool Britannia was still believable and Liam Gallagher was the quintessential wild man of rock.

This is now the fifteenth outing for the Mad Bombers of the Worm World, a feat that is not lost on gamers and one that holds sway with developers as there is surely not another series of titles that can come close to the Worms franchise other than the equally successful Final Fantasy franchise from Square Enix. Although the two studio’s are the standard bearers for longevity and quality content for the gaming industry, the similarity in their uber-cool titles ends there. Final Fantasy takes gamers on a cut scene induced epic storyline that showers the gamer with beauty and depth of character and storylines that is unsurpassed by any other title, whereas Worms takes cartoon based combat capery to its ultimate heights, and has the trademark on addictive gaming sewn into every line of its coding make up. These two may be at opposite ends of the gaming spectrum, but their collective genius in giving the player exactly what they want from a title has to be respected and praised.

All of the usual suspects that we have grown to love in our Team 17 titles over the last almost two decades are back, and they do not disappoint in this their latest outing onto the battlefield. The graphic’s are very similar to the stylised cartoon’s of the latest offering for the crazed combatants in their Reloaded guise, and we can understand the attraction of this as they are easy on the eye and full of vivid shading and bright colours. In particular the new weaponry that is on offer to the player has some spectacular effects when utilised and we would ask gamers to keep an eye out for the Napalm attack and its subsequent Apocalypse Now type satisfaction when used as a game winning tactic. ” I love the smell of roast Worm in the morning “

The noticeable differences to the titles from gaming days gone by can be summed up with the enormous customization with which players can alter their game and the surrounding combat zones to give vastly different experiences depending on what is their wont. Right from the word go with Worms 2: Armageddon you will notice that you are able to take full control of your band of brothers and alter everything about them from their accent, their appearances, their helmets and headgear right down to which marker points to the place where they finally met their maker and are finally laid to rest.

Players will also be able to take full advantage of the full quota of Worms weaponry from just about other Worms title that has ever graced a gaming screen. Everything you need to despatch your enemies and send them to that great Worm Paradise in the Sky is here, and then some. Remember the Holy Land Hand Grenade that you used to send Andy to the next life with in Reloaded? That’s back! Remember the Air Strikes, Napalm attacks, Shotgun’s and Baseball Bat’s that you used to crush your opponents beneath your steel toe-capped combat boots,? Well they all make a welcome return to this latest title in the much-loved series of games. One of our favourite weapons, we are pleased to say, also makes a return to the impressive arsenal for your Worm Army with the awesome ‘Sheep.‘ Yes the legendary woolly backs make their welcome return to Team 17’s epic title and long may they continue to do so.

The maps that are on offer to you come with a random setting feature that stops predictability and being bored by repetitive formats turning up again and again, as with Worms 2: Armageddon you will never quite know what environment is going to turn up next meaning that you will have to quickly adapt your style of play to whatever the map selector throws at you. The same can be said for your weapons and ammunition as although there are highly powerful attacks such as the Air Strike and the Napalm Attack available to you, Team 17 have been cunning in their design so that the weapons are very evenly balanced and this allows for even portions of firearms and weapons to be supplied to each side so that one is never more powerful than the other, thus making the game all about tactic;s and taking advantage of the resources that you do have and using them to the very optimum of their capabilities.

Multiplayer is an absolute joy to behold and a vast improvement for those gamers who will be challenging each other over Xbox Live as Worms 2: Armageddon is a markedly better than the version on offer to the console based gamer from 2007.

Graphics: Once again Team 17 have opted for the very stylish cartoon type graphics that has served the title so well since its introduction in Worms:Armageddon. It proves now, as it did then, to be an inspired move as once again the game looks pretty and polished and has that cute and cuddly feeling to genocide on a large-scale. Absolutely fantastic.                       8

Gameplay: What’s not to love? The classic combat game is back with a fully stocked arsenal, great single play and awesome multiplayer. Everything that Team 17 could have done to make this title an absolute blinder has been done and the gameplay that has made it an undoubted success  for over 15 years on the PC has been successfully ported over to the consoles at long last.   9

RePlay Value: Considering that we have all been slyly playing this at work, rest and play for the past decade and a half goes some wat to answering the question over whether Worms has a replay value. This is one game that is truly addictive in its nature and a joy to behold in its gameplay. You will never tire of discovering new and amusing ways of killing your enemy.   9

Presentation: Worms 2: Armageddon is a resounding success for Team 17, and one that we are sure will stand the test of time due to the amazing amount of content and cracking gameplay that they have managed to cram into one title. Everything about the game spells ‘hit’ and if you have never had the benefit of killing one of the enemies troop’s with a sheep then we can only say that it is high time that you invested some time in Worms.  9


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