Playstation3 gets its own Lost Planet2 goodies!

Awesome news has come our way here at GamesMediaPro Towers that should warm the cockles of those PS3 gamers who were feeling a little left out when rival Xbox360 fan’s were parading the fact that Capcom’s Lost Planet 2 had given them exclusive skins of their Gears of War heroes Marcus and Dom. Well, now is the time for you all to turn around and rub that salt back into the “greater sales in 2010” wound by announcing to the Xbox owners that you are to have your very own exclusive Helghast skins for Lost Planet 2, and once you have completed the campaign they are available for ‘port’ ,not just the multiplayer mode, but to the co-op campaign also. Oh, and being that this is Sony we are talking about here you need not worry about a trivial little thing like the cost of these beauties, as this is on the Playstation Network after all where, as we all know by now,  if it isn’t half the price of whatever it costs on Xbox Live Marketplace then more often than not its totally free. As indeed these cracking new skins are.

Lost Planet 2 is released on May, 14th, 2010 but you will have to wait just a little longer for your exclusive Helghast skins as they will be available as a download from the Playstation Store towards the end of June.  Combine these new skins with the skins that are already going to be available for you all and that means you will be able to play as two separate Helghast characters, Frank West from Dead Rising, Monster Hunter and last but by no means least Albert Wesker from the Resident Evil franchise. So whoop it up PS3 owners and we will let you know of the precise date that you can begin downloading your free exclusive Helghast skins when we get it.


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