Scarabeus:Pearls of the Nile comes to iPod Touch and iPhone

Digital Reality Announces Games Scarabeus: Pearls of Nile, Asteroid Miner And Liberty Wings For iPhone / iPod Touch

Scarabeus to arrive in July, Asteroid Miner and Liberty Wings in September

Digital Reality today announced that the company will be releasing three games for iPhone and iPod Touch developed by Catmoon Games: Scarabeus: Pearls of Nile on July 22nd and Asteroid Miner and Liberty Wings on September 3rd , each priced at £1.79. Digital Reality is becoming an online publisher, having previously had over 20 years experience developing major releases such as the Imperium Galactica and Haegemonia series, Desert Rats vs Afrika Corps and Platoon.

Scarabeus: Pearls of Nile is based on the award-winning game released for PDA in 2006, and is a colourful and creative puzzle title. Players must learn to manipulate rotating dials to allow balls to be directed around an interlinked maze, finally uniting sets of four balls of the same colour to release the scarab beetle in the centre of each dial. With richly detailed graphics inspired by Ancient Egypt, this is a highly challenging logic puzzle.

Asteroid Miner is a game of exploration and adventure where puzzling meets resource management. Based on the concept of the classic eighties game Dig Dug, the goal is to mine and collect the treasures hidden on the asteroid under the watchful eye of First Asteroid Miner Incorporated. Further asteroids to explore are to be provided as an in-app purchase.

Liberty Wings is a classic shoot ’em up: the player assumes the role of an Air Officer in the US Navy during World War II tasked with destroying the elements of a German Atom Bomb Project through six distinctive locations. With over 18 scenes within the six worlds, players will battle the enemy from the sky in both air combat and bombing modes.

For further details on these titles and all future releases from Digital Reality then stay with your GamesMediaPro team.


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