Sir Ben Kingsley Heads Fable III Cast

In quite the casting coup, Peter Molyneaux and the team over there at Lionhead have added to the already impressive line up of stars that are all affecting major roles in the studio’s Fable 3. With a cast that already hails such stars of the silverscreen and television as John Cleese, Stephen Fry and  er, Jonathon Ross, it is with great expectation that a thespian with a career such as Sir Ben should enlist in the videogames development and we look forward to seeing what gem’s of acting superiority he brings to the table of Fable 3.  The announcement that Molyneaux had indeed managed to capture this legend of the boards and star of the big screen was made in an interview that he gave to CVG when he announced that had joined the cast of the RPG. This is what the star had to say:

 “I’m a voice in a new video game shortly – Fable III. I’m a wonderful wizard character who is the king of Mist Peak. “It’s very engaging and good for us actors to realize that [acting] is so diverse now. [Games] are as big a jump now as I suppose when cinema was invented, when people went from the stage to the cinema thinking: It’s not really acting, is it? Now, it’s video games – and it is acting. It’s very demanding.” 

So hat’s off to all involved in bringing a genuine talent to the voice acting of videogames, as we all know only too well this has not always been a games strongest point in the past but with such a veritable smorgasboard of acting talent on display in Fable 3 one thing is assured, and that is that even if the gameplay turns out to be dull and monotonous you could always just sit and listen to the dialogue and wave your hands in the air at your Natal camera to continue the scenes.


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