Fable III confirmed for PC

Fantastic news for all those PC gamers out there, and let’s face it they need it after the way that have been sort of overlooked by the industry of late.  Fable III has been confirmed by Lionhead supremo Peter Molyneux as having a definite schedule, alongside the Xbox360, for the Festive  release of the RPG powerhouse franchise that is Fable III.

Just how the PC version is to operate the Project Natal features is up for debate with the obvious solution that, it won’t have any. And in some ways we can hear the collective sigh of relief from PC gamers around the World.

Not that we have anything against Project Natal, but if we wanted to play an RPG with motin control we would probably opt for the Wii, but hey, that is just our opinion, each to their own.

With the Xbox360 getting its Collectors Edition, though, ( main heading  pictured above ), and the PC version rumoured not to be released until Christmas time 2010, it does rather smack to us as an afterthought to bolster sales just in case the Xbox360 version does not grip the gaming public with the same fervour and gusto as previous titles in the Fable franchise? Market research suggest that the game is going to be enormous, but don’t they always? All we can do is ponder the thought of standing in front of your TV playing out the repetitive  ‘expressions wheel’ and having to draw the curtains lest a passing member of the public spots you doing “Fart” or “Sock Puppet” in a  Project Natal stylee and decides to call in some form  psychiatric professional help. At least with the Wii you can blame it on being drunk at a party with relatives.

Fable III is scheduled for release on PC this Christmas and expect to pay anywhere between £30-£40  ( tbc )


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