Alien Breed:Impact Screenshots

Some sizzling news reaches our shores across the sea of mediocrity that separates the Meh games from the great games. And on a raft of inspiration floats the announcement that Alien Breed:Impact is to come as an exclusive to both the PS3 and the PC. Confirmation has literally just arrived from those nice PR people over there ar Lunch that this is indeed the case, and so all of those Playstation owners who were feeling left out in the cold, and somewhat dejected at the recent news that DOOM II will be available from today as an XBLA release, take heart and stand tall, for your developers and publishers have not deserted you. They were just waiting for something with a little more ‘oomph’ to come along, and with Alien Breed:Impact they might just have it?

I mean, really, just take a look at some of these screenshots depicting actual in-game footage as well as cut scenes? You cannot tell me that these are not whetting your appetite for a little bit of Alien Breed:Impact‘ing of your own, ( did you see what we did there, did you? Pulitzer stuff this is mind you ).

Take the screenshot on your right for example, it shows one of the Boss Fights in Alien Breed: Impact, and truth be told I think that I would much rather be spending my hard earned cash on my PSN wallet to buy this than a copy of a game I originally played way back in 1994, wouldn’t you? Don’t get me wrong, DOOM II will be great, but I just think that you PS3 and PC owners got the better end of the bargain with Alien Breed:Impact?

So there you have it my gaming loving amigo’s. Keep your eyes peeled for the forthcoming announcement’s on this and other titles, right here on the best little cyberzine this side of the A37 slip road, your one and only GamesMediaPro.


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