Namco Bandai announces 3DS line up

Namco Bandai have today confirmed the line up for a whole host of gaming goodness that is aimed at Nintendo 3DS gamers. And what  a list it is people let me tell you!  All five if the titles that Namco Bandai are currently working on for the new Nintendo handheld system are all stock from cracking franchises with great gaming pedigree’s. However these titles that we are giving you are still under construction, and so are in their ‘working title’ guises. The list of games on the way are:

Ridge Racer:  This hit series just keeps on going and gets stronger and better with every release, so we are confidently expecting big things from Namco Bandai with this classic.

Pac Man:  The ‘Old Man’ of gaming comes to Nintendo 3DS to show some of the young prtenders to the throne that there really is only one that can truly wear the crown of the King.

Galaga:  Along with Pac Man, Galaga shows its colours with updated classic gameplay that never grows old and never appears tired. A true champion in the gaming Hall of Fame.

Super Robot Franchise: Designed specifically to take full advantage of the Nintendo 3DS stereogram gameplay system, a whole new title is in development to just this. Awesome news!

And finally, last but by no means least, we have the fantastic exclusive announcement that there is to be an adddition to  Namco Bandai’s Nintendo 3DS catalogue of upcoming title releases with the development of an all new game in the much loved anime title Dragon Ball Z. The inclusion of a Dragon ball Z title in the impressive list of working titles that gamers have to look forward to from Namco Bandai, just goes to show the level of commitment, that we think, that Nintendo and developers alike are putting into the 3D gaming experience. Couple this with the amount of news to arrive recently with regard to console based 3D gaming, and it is certainly shaping up to be a great time of innovation and invention for gamers and for games developers alike.

Stay with GamesMediaPro for more developments on Nintendo 3DS and all other news from Namco Bandai and other gret gaming developers.


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