Transformers:Decepticons Game Review for NDS

Following their successful resurrection on the silver screen Transformers now plan to take over your console with the assistance of Activision. Read on for the full review of Transformers Decepticons

In a joint all-out assault on the gaming market Activision’s latest outing for the Transformers see’s them attacking consoles and handhelds of all formats. Will the hulking overlords be successful or will the game turn out to be so much scrap metal? Read the full GamesMediaPro review to find out.

Oh how we love Transformers here at GamesMediaPro Towers. I mean just check out the review of the console title that we published on the game’s launch for confirmation of that fact. So when the postman delivered the code for the Transformers Decepticon’s edition on the Nintendo DS we were leaping around like ecstatic loon’s as the squabbling commenced over who got to review the title. Needless to say, three black eyes for the boys and one smug smile on the girl reviewer later and its Nina‘s arm that’s raised in triumph over the cowering form’s of her fellow male counterparts. So here is the review of Transformers:Decepticons.

The storyline behind the title of Transformer:Decepticon’s is consistent with its ‘bigger brother’ title and follows along with the movie also. You are one of the Decepticon’s,  that being the ‘bad guys’ for those of you living under a rock somewhere, and your task and mission is to travel to Earth to discover the location of the ‘AllSpark’, an object of such power that it gives life to machines and turns the inanimate well, ‘animate.’ Once you have found the AllSpark you are then charged with bringing the life-giver back to your evil commander Megatron so that he may continue with his evil plan to conquer your home world and subsequently the galaxy. But not before destroying the Earth.

So the start of the game see’s you plummeting headlong toward the glittering blue planet like a scorching meteor as you land on Earth to begin your quest to find the all-powerful AllSpark.  From this point he game plays out pretty much in similar fashion to its ‘Big Brother’ console edition and it does so very well. The graphics are supplied courtesy of the Alchemy Engine by Vicarious Visions and they have utilised every last resource to give NDS gamers a sprawling metropolis that is unsurpassed on the handheld format. While not as ‘busy‘ as the studio’s other title for Activision, Spiderman 3, the game will offer a huge free roaming arena for gamers to explore and do battle in. Everything is allowed from transforming to your vehicular guise and driving around the well crafted city, to taking to the highly detailed rooftops before leaping like a gymnast from building to building.

The gameplay is superior to most other games on the Nintendo DS system due to the formats obvious lack of processing power, however it is a true testament to the dedication of Vicarious Visions and their obviously talented development teams that they have managed to create such a thrilling title with such compelling gaming that is sure to please. A particularly nice touch by the developers was the ability to scan vehicles and technology and transform them. This is where the use of the dual screen comes in to play and the developer has manged to incorporate it into the game very well considering that there really is no need for a second screen in the title. But seeing that the ability to transform scanned vehicles allows for more powerful abilities and collectible rewards the premise for scanning everything in sight is a worthwhile one. The storyline is a straight forward affair that has been generously ‘beefed out’ by including a whole host of side missions and mini games where everything from the colossal destruction of your surrounding environment to thrashing the living daylights out of Robots  earns you that all-important XP that allows you to obtain better weaponry and upgrades.

By far though oe of the games biggest draws has to be the inclusion of the online mode where gamers from around the world can join up for a spot of Transformers ‘Team Deathmatch’ as well as a cracking little mode called ‘AllSpark Sports’ which is a great take on English Football that sees gamers playing each other with the AllSpark as the ‘ball.’  But by far our most enjoyable period of gameplay whilst online was when we learned about the awesome ‘AllSpark Wars’ mode where gamers are able to download a new mission each day that sees them doing battle for points. And as we all know ‘what do points make?’ Exactly, prizes. These come in the form of unlockables but best of all is the leaderboard where people can learn of your gaming prowess as the best performance is awarded with a ‘Best Bot’ title.  Genius!

The controls are standard fare and there is nothing for the novice to fear here considering that there is the usual tutorial mode that serves the dual function of acting as the games introduction when you load up the title. There are some touch screen facilities but for the main part the game uses standard control systems.

Graphics: Vicarious Visions have really outdone themselves this time by squeezing every drop out of the Nintendo DS CPU. As you can clearly see from the screenshots that we have published using actual in-game image the title has some quality graphics  that stand against any in the DS library. 8

Gameplay: Great stuff again from the developers as they continue to score hit after hit on the handheld system. Transformers:Decepticons’ mix of great gameplay and storyline makes for entertainment that you cannot afford to miss if you are a Nintendo DS owner? Truly great gaming.              9

RePlay Value: Unusually Vicarious Visions included an online mode in their movie ti-in title, and the game flies high because of it. With the online gameplay being top-notch and the excellent AllSpark Wars offering new missions daily you will never want to put this title down. Awesome stuff from Activision.    9

Presentation: So when all is said and done will the Transformers:Decepticons come out with a pass certificate or will it fail the MOT and be sent to the crusher for all scrap vehicles? The answer is  simple one, this game is cracking! The developers have produced a gaming diamond that will stand the test of time, and with that all important online action and the addition of the inspired AllSpark War mode we can honestly recommend this game to all Nintendo DS fans. If you don’t own a Nintendo DS then this could well be the title that changes that.  9


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