Halo:Reach “Birth of a Spartan” Trailer

What can we possibly say about the Halo Universe that has not already been said? This multi-award winning title, that is the highest grossing video games franchise ever recorded, is still the benchmark for all first person shooters to measure themseleves against. Halo:Reach is the latest, and reportedly the last, in the series, and will see you getting closer to the legend of the Spartans more than ever before, as you face the monstrous Covenant hordes in the epic ‘Battle for Reach’. Those of you gamers out there who were smart enough to purchase that sizzler, Halo:ODST will already be involved in the fight for Reach during the Beta, that went live on May 3rd, 2010. Those of you without a copy can still enjoy the beta through open access available over XboxLive, just make sure that your Gold membership is up to date. But to be fair, these titles are worth the £39.99 on their own, in our humble opinion.

Halo:Reach will be released in September, 2010 and until then we will be bringing you all the latest news, interviews and video’s from Microsoft. Stay tuned Spartan’s as the fight draws near!


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