Super Scribblenauts NDS Review Hits Top Spot

Warner Bros award winning head-scratcher title makes its welcome return to reclaim its title as the heavyweight puzzle champion of the Nintendo DS

Super Scribblenauts is back! Packed to the gunwale’s with even more fiendishly difficult puzzles that will see you reaching for the handheld time and time again in your quest for glory.

The ground-breaking title from Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment  returns to the shelves of your local gaming retailer this week, and all we have to say on the matter is ‘hurrah!’ and about time too!  This totally innovative title, for those gamers out there who have not yet had the sheer pleasure of spending any quality time with the title, has to be one of the most impressive games  ever designed for the Nintendo DS system. The fact that you can choose to create just about anything that your mind’s eye can come up with, and then utilise that in the actual gameplay has made this game one of the most entertaining and truly impressive titles that we have ever reviewed on the handheld.

Looking far sharper with a new crisp gaming mechanic, the all new and improved Super Scribblenauts really does live up to the ‘S’ on its chest in true superhero fashion. Gone are the niggly little flaws in the games make up and design, only  to be replaced by some of the tightest graphics and gameplay that you will find on any handheld system. Super Scribblenauts just looks and feels so much better than even its revolutionary little brother, and with a whole host of additional new features and an incredible added adjectives dictionary that allows the system to understand even more of your desire and wishes, and thus ultimately create more, Super Scribblenauts could well turn out to be the Number One handheld puzzler of the year.

The gameplay is the same reliable and intuitive blend of corking puzzles combined with compelling and fun to play stages and levels. You play as ‘Maxwell,’ the tiny 2-D ‘Scribblenaut’ from whence the game takes its title. In his universe Maxwell must collect Starites, and  he does this by solving all manner of puzzles and enigma’s from saving a poor lost kitty from a tree, to rescuing entire cities. Seeing that Maxwell can conjure up just about anything that your fertile imagination can come up with, Whatever you think can come to your aid in the situation to achieve success is only a simple pen stroke away to becoming a reality.

Quite literally Maxwell is capable of reproducing anything that he wishes. Almost like a walking replicator from everyone’s favourite Starship. You think it, he creates it, it’s as simple as that really. If you encounter some sinister 12 foot robot with burning lasers shooting of all orifices, then  you just create a thirteen foot robot bounty hunter with laser deflecting armour and gun the size of Pluto. The bounds of your imagination are limitless, and those same rules apply when playing Warner Bros first-rate title. The possibilities are endless and the options without limit.

As we alluded to earlier when we gave you the hint about ‘adjectives’ this has, in fact, turned out to be the ace up Warner Bros sleeve as it allows for far greater range and depth of play due to the descriptive nature and terms it permits players to have over the game. So where in the previous edition of the best-selling title players wold describe a word to the game and then it would magically bring the item to life for use in the game, it was not without its teething trouble as you could not, for instance, instruct the title to construct a tall ladder, or a small pot. This is not the case with  Super Scribblenauts, where those teething troubles have been soothed away with the excellent introduction of the CalGel of the adjective.  Adjectives in Super Scribblenauts really are the games crowning glory, as they allow the payer to greatly improve on an already cracking title by taking the tried and tested formula and making it work to the very best of its ability. One thing that is certain though and the standard of level design and gameplay will leave players coming back for more every time.

The levels in Super Scribblenauts are all fun to play, even though they may leave you baffled for a while until you begin to think, in some cases, a little more abstract in terms of solution to the problem at hand.  There are three types of word play puzzle for you to enjoy. All get steadily more difficult as time goes on, but even so, there is no reason why Mum’s and Dad’s cannot sit and use Super Scribblenaut’s with their children as a valuable learning tool.

In the puzzle stage you have to take your little Scribblenaut Maxwell on varying brow-furrowing enigma’s as the game throw’s all manner of puzzles your way. There are so many options to choose and so many different varieties of answers and solutions to discover that to attempt to offer an explanation would require a dedicated website for Super Scribblenauts alone. Suffice to say that gamers may play the game over and over again and never have to select the same method twice for the correct completion of any of the puzzles.

A nice touch in Super Scribblenauts is the introduction of the in-game currency. Using these Scribblenaut ‘Ollars’ layers are then able to make purchases that will allow them to play as alternative characters during the game, or instead they can be put to good use by obtaining  hints that appear in-game.

There is also the simply excellent custom creation tool that allows players to build their own levels, and then they even have the option of taking their creations online and sharing their brain-teasers with their friends. This is going to add even greater pulling power to the younger audiences as they set their friends to task to claim bragging rights over who can create the most difficult

So when all is said and done there is a good reason why this should be on the must have a list of all the multitudes of Nintendo DS owners out there. Quite simply, its fantastic. Normally we would ramble on and on describing picturesque landscapes and beautiful graphic’s lavished on gorgeous looking sets. Super Scribblenauts is something completely different. It is a videogame that prides itself on the compelling content that is contained there within it. It’s all about the actual gameplay with this title. They have no need to introduce wonderous cut scenes featuring characters so beautifully rendered that you can see each bristle of nasal hair. The reason Super Scribblenauts should be on your list of Christmas goodies this year is simple, it’s because it has the best gameplay on the handheld system. Period.

Graphics: As we have stated the graphic’s are sweet and colourful and never once detract from the ingenious gameplay. When you have a game that plays as good as Super Scribblenauts then there really is no need to sweeten the buyer with the promise of beautiful cut scenes. That being said, however, what Warner Bros have done they have done well, and the game looks a vastly sharper proposition than in its previous outing        7

Gameplay: In a nutshell? Super Scribblenauts has to be the very best puzzler that we have ever had the good fortune of playing on this, or any other handheld. So many levels, so many possibilities and the only limit here is with the boundaries of your imagination. Fun, frightening;y addictive and fantastic!   10

RePlay Value: There is no end in sight for this title. We have been playing the game non stop since it arrived at the weekend and we cannot see that changing any time soon. With so much scope for redoing the levels, as well as the fact of the in-game rewards, you also get to create and share your own levels with your friends online. Super Scribblenauts has it all!    10

Presentation: Not usually our first choice of gaming titles, our minds have been firmly changed by our time well spent with Warner Bros critically acclaimed title. Everything here is done with their usual exacting precision that has been the trademark of a Warner Bros title ever since their first game was launched. Super Scribblenauts offers the gamer all that they could really want, and then just keeps on giving. A true gaming diamond  10



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