Megamind is Mega Family Fun!

Following on from the box office success of its silver screen sibling, THQ unleash Megamind Ultimate Showdown on the gaming community. Will it zap the competition or will it fall victim to the cursed ‘Movie Crossover Mediocrity Meh?’ Let’s find out as we take you on the review of the latest family fun time title from the award-winning developer.

As always with movie crossover titles it was going to be hard for Megamind Ultimate Showdown to shake off the curse that blights this genre with every new title launch. Journalists the world over like to vent their collective fury on them, and yet gamers continue to buck the trends set by reviewers by purchasing them in their millions. Will THQ’s latest Dreamwork’s collaboration shake off the stigma associated with tie-in titles? Let’s find out together in the latest GamesMediaPro review for Megamind Ultimate Showdown.

The storyline of Megamind Ultimate Showdown takes place immediately after the events of the movie that is currently raking in the ‘moolah’ at the box office at present. After routing the evil Doom Syndicate,the resident ‘baddies’ of the piece, our trusty hero Megamind is giving a well deserved interview to the amassed ranks of the intergalactic journalistic media that has gathered to honour the daring deeds and derring do of the impressively domed blue wonderboy. It is during this interview with the worlds adoring press that the thwarted enemies of the caped ‘cranially-challenged’ crusader once more come to the fore and attack the object of their desires, which in this case turns out to be the very city Megamind has just saved in his previous heroic exploits: Metro City.

The gameplay is a solid blend of third person shooter action and some highly enjoyable platformer shenanigans. Bear in mind, though, that Gears of War meets Super Mario it is most definitely not, but truth be told it is all the better for the fact. It is not trying to be any other  gae other than Megamind, and for that reason alone we should give this thoroughly enjoyable family romp its due.

There is enough variety in the levels and objectives to keep even the most jaded of games reviewers entertained for many an hour, and all in all the addition of the main characters trusty sidekick ‘Minion’ will provide younger gamers and family members the necessary assistance should they become embroiled in too tough a battle or lost on one of the myriad rooftop’s that you must scale to traverse the beleaguered Metro City.

On your travel’s you will be required to collect the glowing blue orb’s, or B.I.N.K.E.Y.’S,  that appear from destroyed crates and the like, as well as from fallen enemies. These luminescent ball’s of blue brilliance will allow you to upgrade your character and also your weaponry as you tackle the game’s ever tougher foes on your way to freeing the city from the devastating attack by the Doom Syndicate. A goodly array of varying enemy combatants will allow for compelling gameplay as you are never allowed to settle into a familiar pattern of attack. This makes for a far greater depth in the gameplay as opposed to just throwing the same standard grunt’s at you time again whenever the gameplay requires a stand-off where you would normally fall into the ‘rinse and repeat’ mode of combat that you had used to fell the same enemy countless times before.

Each of the enemy ‘soldiers’ comes complete with their own form of preferred method of assault that ranges from throwing a variety of construction based tools and masonry at you, to the more impressive blasts of firepower from some of your larger opposite numbers. There are four main ‘bosses’ that will each offer some surprisingly challenging gaming, especially for the younger crowd, as you are forced to seek to master the pattern to each individual boss characters attack and then best him with your own blend of ‘Blue-based Combat’.

There are some nice weapons for Megamind to equip himself with in his fight to rid the world of the plague of the Doom Syndicate. There are such laser based beauties as your basic Blaster, but it’s when you get to the advanced weaponry of the Blow Glove and the Dehydration Gun that zapping your rivals becomes a whole lot more enjoyable. There is also the obligatory flavour of the month rifle that comes in the shape of the entertainment industry’s darling of the moment, the Tesla Gun. Which is so popular amongst games developers and movie makers that Tesla designed death gun’s are turning up in everything from Wolfenstein to Van Helsing.

Graphically the game is superior to most of the other movie based titles that are on the shelves of your locally games retailer, and the level design is solid enough for gamers of all ages to stay focused throughout. Overall Megamind Ultimate Showdown is a welcome addition to the genre and is sure to be an instant hit with the younger gaming audience this festive season.

Graphics: Better than your average move tie-in title that’s for darn sure. The colours are vivid without resorting to eye-watering garish hues. The frame rate is pleasing and there is very little in the way of disturbance on any level to mar your enjoyment of this title. Nicely arranged back drops and scenes make this platformer a must buy title for the family gamer.  8

Gameplay: Solid platformer action to be had here with capable foes turning up at every twist and turn. The Bosses are troublesome enough to keep gamers occupied without being overly difficult for the little ones. A nice blend of third person shooter action  mixed with some corking platform puzzler playtime makes Megamind Ultimate Showdown a winner.    7

RePlay Value: Gamers of all ages will enjoy Megamind Ultimate Showdown for the light-hearted family fun that it is. More hardcore players out there will not be taxed to much by the gameplay, but that is not to say that it is still not a thoroughly enjoyable way for you to spend an afternoon playing the co-op with a friend as you blast your way through the levels together. 7

Presentation: As with most of THQ’s titles what they do, they do well, and Megamind Ultimate Showdown is by no means an exception to this rule. Nicely polished with a ‘slicker than most’ movie tie-in title feel to it. A cracking campaign for you to enjoy running through with a younger family member, and definitely one of the better offerings for the genre. All in all a good game. 7


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