Activision: PS3 will outsell Xbox360 in 2010

In a recent report from Activision when the company published its fiscal results for 2010’s first quarter, Activision then went on to make its full sales projection for the rest of the year based on the current trends and the factual sales figures that they recorded from Q1. The results are that they predict that it will be a good year for Xbox360 but not quite as good as the year that Sony are going to have with sales of their Playstation3 console expected to overtake the Xbxo360 in 2010.

So as you can see from the chart here, the expected sales of the PS3 will top 9,000,000 this year with the xbox360 expected to hit around the 8,000,000 mark. The Nintendo Wii is still the highest with 12,000,000 but thanks to some absolutely sizzling titles once again for the Playstation3 such as God of War3, Heavy Rain, and who could forget Uncharted 2?  The year has , so far, been very good for Sony. But let’s also not forget that there are also a boatload of  crackers still to come for the Playstation3 this year with huge titles such as the fantastic Little Big Planet2, Mod Nation Racers and more great multiplat’s than you could shake a stick at.

Now let’s not forget that Xbox360 has Natal on the way this year and also the possibility of the new Elite Slim, so the competition just “upped their game” you could say? But with the fact that Sony has already demonstrated the sheer accuracy, precision and downright genius of the new Playstation Move, I think that kind of negates the Natal argument? As for the Elite Slim? As shown in the way that Sony marketed the PS3 Slim it can be a great success, but what it has to do is prove itself in the arena so to speak first before we can say for sure just how successful or how much of an epic fail the Slim360 will be? One argument against the slim here in the office is that the full sized Xbox360 has enough problem’s trying to keep itself cool without the added stress of being made slimmer being thrown into the equation. As we all know Microsoft claim to have made the dreaded Red Ring Of Death a thing of the past, but  the truth of the matter is that whilst most certainly the number of product recalls has been dramatically reduced in recent years it is worth noticing that so the sales of new Xbox360 consoles has slowed also. A connection there gamers? You do the math, its not exactly rocket science now is it?

And finally we come to the final point in why we believe that Activision has arrived at the same conclusion that we did in regard to the PS3 overtaking the Xbox360 in sales in 2010. And in a nutshell it boils down to one word, and the word is….?  ” Quality! “   Yes, readers, quality. And its the quality of a consoles exclusive titles that we are talking about. Here, we’ll give you an example using 2010 exclusive titles for each console okay? On the one hand you have Microsoft’s Xbox360 with Mass Effect 2, which while it scored ridiculously high on the Metacritic chart, ( something that still escapes us? ), it is not, in our humble opinion, worth the meta rating that it received. Controversial? maybe, but if you like spending half your game time orbitting planets and moons you can’t land on whilst mining them for ores and minerals you use to upgrade mediocre weapons or on ship enhancements that make no difference whatsoever to the gameplay then this is your kind of game. And next we have Splinter Cell Conviction, probably the only true good game from Xbox360 so far this year, even with the release of the Reach beta if you want to include that? Reach itself is nothing special, just another in the long line of similar looking same old same old with barely recognisable improvements in graphics and clinging desperately to the coat tails of its cousin Unreal Tournament. But even with the release of these titles, ( and these are the best examples on xbox360 we could find remember ), for every one of them you get a bumper crop of Metro2033, Infernal and a myriad of other lukewarm titles that you will barely manage to finish once and never touch again with somebody elses console let alone yours.

Now compare that to this line up of titles and,( be honest ), which would you truly prefer to play? How about Uncharted2, Little Big Planet2, Mod Nation Racers, Socom:Navy Seals ( with added Playstation Move controls ), Heavy rain, God of War 3 etc etc etc . It is our belief that it is the exclusive titles that will tempt unsure  customers into making an informed purchase. And it is our belief that a consoles exclusives are its very lifeblood as it shows the strength of its support not just from its customers but also from the studios, developers and publishers who all come together to create them, and lastly, it is our belief that it is quality over quantity that wins out in the end, and let’s face reality here gamers, the Playstation3 has quality written in its programming.


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