As Fresh As It Ever Was! Worms Reloaded Reviewed


If you have never played any of the previous Worms titles then this could well be the introduction to the classic series that new gamers were looking for

Ah, Worms! Those imperialistic, much-loved loon’s that are always trying to blow the hell out of each other on a daily basis. We love them. You love them. And now it would seem that Team 17 studio’s have brought the long-standing gaming stalwarts right up to date with character customization, new scenes, weapons and a whole lot of fun just waiting for you to jump in to the action.

Right from the opening titles with Worms Reloaded you get that warm fuzzy feeling of familiarity. The smile returns to your face as you remember past glories in previous outings for the Worm’s franchise, and let’s face it folks there have been a few. This has got to be one of the most multiplat of multiplatform titles ever designed as the hard-hatted invertebrates have graced just about every format ever created. Even having a much maligned foray into the 3D market before it was made popular again by Sony and Nintendo that is. But who know’s? With the more than promising chance of success with the Nintendo 3DS who’s to say that we won’t see another excursion for the warlike warriors onto the handheld in  the future? I, for one ,would like to see it happen.

So onto the title at hand and not visions of the future, as we load up our Steam account and swan dive into the action as once more we sit ‘waiting for the Worms to call’ as a famous man once sang.

You see the beauty and the genius of the title is in its addictive easy nature and gameplay. So even the most complete novice will have nothing to fear from this fantastic collection of just about every first-rate feature that has  been a part of one Worm’s title or another over the year’s. In fact it’s this simplicity that is one of the game’s endearing features as it makes for compelling gaming as you literally just switch on and get on with the task of creating your Worm Army. Using the latest customization settings you get to change everything about your Wiggly Warriors from the tone of their voice to the selection of their name and outfit. The landscape itself is completely customizable with a very simple to use tool bar and menu that even the newbie to the title will find non-threatening.  And even though some of the games best features are to be found in the top class multiplayer modes this does not detract in any way from the excellent single player experience, which we found to be the most enjoyable yet.

Once past the obligatory Tutorial in which the newcomers to the game can learn the necessary basics which they will need to begin the quest for dominance in the world of the ground crawlers, you are then brought into the levels in a limited weapons and enemies format that see’s your progress and performance on your journey to Invertebrate Imperialist Utopia being the basis of your rewards. Such is the way of things the gaming world over.

So as you improve upon your prowess with the various weapons that are made available to you, and you hone your strategic skills against your rival Worms,you will certainly get to notice the growing arsenal that is on offer as well as the ever-increasing aggression shown by your counterparts on the other side of the barbed wire. The graphic’s in Worms Reloaded are as polished as ever, and their comic effect goes perfectly with the light-hearted and good-natured combat that makes up the gameplay. This is a game for everyone, and we do mean that in the most sincere fashion. Whether you are a hardcore ‘Frag-Head’ or youngster being introduced to your first ever Worm’s game under parental control and advisorship, Worms Reloaded is just good old-fashioned fun gaming at its very best. It’s a credit to Team 17 that the game is so well-developed and with such a broad target audience in mind, that generation gaps are ignored with relish and ease, as children happily serve up a lesson in next generation gaming tactic’s to their parents.

But when the game truly comes to life is when the player takes his band of Worm Warlord’s onto the multiplayer battlefield to spread carnage and terror over the internet. There are some fantastic new modes to be sampled and enjoyed online, not to mention some well-loved favourites returning for pleasure revisited. 

The most fun and laugh out loud moments that we found in our favourite of the modes on offer, was when we tried out the waters of the all-new Bodycount mode. The mode itself is best described as a survival mode with your lone combatant standing firm against the steadily growing and ever better armed opponents where every move you make had better be thought out well for it may turn out to be your last. The destructible environments make for truly comic moments, but also have to be strategically negotiated for fear of making your gladiatorial lugworm easy pickings for his heavily armed rivals. The more familiar modes of Rope Racing and Fort will bring their own chuckles and giggle-fests as you set about the annihilation of your slimy enemies with the aplomb of a serial killer.

There is another office favourite in the new mode of Warzone, which sees you face a similar predicament as your solitary soldier in Bodycount, but this time round you play with your standard four man team as the enemies gradually get tougher and better equipped with each passing round. All in all we found Worms Reloaded to be the far superior title in an already stellar back catalogue of Worms games. The gameplay is sublime, the graphic’s are so smooth they could be getting talc’ed and wrapped in a nappy as we speak. Team 17 have managed to take everything that you loved from every Worm’s title throughout the entire series and turn it into one of the finest games you could hope to play this year. With a pricetag that shouts “Buy Me stupid!” every time that you log in to your Steam account there really is no reason why you, your family and your friends shouldn’t be playing Worm’s Reloaded well into the wee hours and beyond. One of gaming’s Grandaddy’s shows the kids how its done.

Graphics: In a word? Superb. Some have whined ever since the arrival of Worm’s 2 about the ‘comic style’ appearance of the titles but to be honest with you we find that it enhances the games appeal and makes it open to a wider audience.          9

Gameplay: Bombing your enemies into submission whilst be proclaimed King of the Hill, and all the while you are wearing a traffic cone on your head? Whats not to love? It’s worms and they shoot crazy weapons and drop sheep on you? Worms? Geddit?  9

RePlay Value: Considering that the original Worms title is over 13 years old now and every single generation of gamers has turned this franchise into one of the most successful and well-loved series ever to grace video gaming, we can safely say its going to be played long after other titles are pushing up digital daisies.    9

Presentation: Team 17 have struck gaming gold once again with this their latest outing for their gaming legends that are the Worms. Everything about the title oozes quality. Corking gameplay that can be enjoyed by gamers from 8-80 makes for a truly memorable and enjoyable experience every time you turn on your PC. A genuine jewel in gaming’s crown.                    9


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