Spiderman:Shattered Dimensions Reviewed

The Webs Slinger is Back in the latest in the series from Activision with Spiderman:Shattered Dimensions

Spiderman returns to the gaming fold in this his darkest outing yet. Will the wall crawler pull it off or does he need a quick blast of DDT? Join the GamesMediaPro review team as we find out.

Today we had the pleasure to sit down and review Spider-Man Shattered Dimenions. This game is available on most major platforms such as PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii. Now before we get started we all know that the great spider has been around for years now dating back to the 60’s and making his way through the ages even to today.

What makes this great is with all these years, storylines and tv shows you have a lot of material to work with such as the multi-verse theory found here in Spider-Man Shattered Dimesnions. The dimenions used this time around are Amazing, Ultimate, Noir and 2099.

A lot of great voice talent came to back this title such as neil patrick harris for Amazing, Chris Daniel(Barnes) as Noir,Dan Gilvenez as Migeul O’ Hara(2099), and Josh Keaton as Ultimate. Though thats not all. A rather well known anime voice over actor who has made a name in videogames also is along as Noir Vulture and Hobgoblin 2099. That person is none other than the well known and respected Steven Jay Blum. Another small bit for Uncharted one and two fans is Nolan North did the voice for Ultimate Deadpool.

As you can see this game is backing some real talent. Lines are spot on for each universe and gives you the feel of the distinct styles and time for each Spider-Man. Now on the graphics side the PS3 version runs at a clean and constant 720P. Each universe also has it’s own style such as Amazing looking more like your comic/saturday morning Amazing Spider, Noir is dark and gritty, Ultimate is more cell shaded and 2099 has more of a birght future look to it.

Each of the universes come of as fun and diffrent which will switch up the pace and style you must use. In the amazing universe you need to use Web based combat mixed with agility and speed. The Noir universe has you needing to stick to the shadows and sneak around as a few shots from a thug will kill you. So silent takedowns are the way to go. The Ultimate universe has you doning the symboite(Black Suit) and you use more Rage Mode which adds a good amout of raw power to over take your foes. With 2099 you are Strenth and Speed but to turn the tables on foes you can use your Accel Vision which will slow enemies and projectiles but not you so use this wisely and deliver massive damage.

Each of the Spidermen have a boss to tangle with so twelve bosses in all not counting your final encounter which would be a shame to spoil for the reader. Your job is to retrieve the broken framents of the Tablet of chaos and order. Once you transverse the level and take out your baddy boss you will regain a part of the stone and be one step closer to ending your Spider-Mens journey.

The controls to the game are quite easy, Square for light combos, Triangle for heavy combos and a mixture of the two to cause new ones. You can also grapple or zip-kick enemies with Circle, but be careful bosses and some thugs will knock you away when zipping at them. L1 will activate Rage and Accel Vision once unlocked and Trusty R2 is used to Web Swing around and Web Zip to ledgs or platforms. X is used to jump, press it twice to double jump and if held after it can be used to slingshot you upwards to gain height.

On the Main Menu once you have a saved game to load you can view you completion of the game it’s self. Once you have loaded your save you will see a few options such as Web Of Destiny, Combat Upgrades, Character Upgrades, level Select, Bonus Gallery and Options.

The Web Of Destiny is your Challenges to pass un orded to gain Spider Essence and Unlock more Combat and Character Upgrades. With Combat Upgrades you can unlock more moves and abilitys for youre Spider-Men but becareful as some are universe specific. Character Upgrades on the other hand help you with Health, Rage, Accel Vision and Unlocking alternate suits. I belive level select is already knownby most gamers but if not this is where you choose to go next after beating a mission.

Now the Bonus Gallery holds a few treats and trinkets such as your Alternate Suits you can equip, 3D Models you have won, Concept Art, Movies, Character Bios and the Credits. If you play on hard for your first go if you’re familiar with Spider-Manyou could easily have minimal 100 or so challanges. I only say this cause this reviewer has 123 or the 180 challanges. Whats so great about the 180 in the Challenge window? Simple That holds Ben Reily, Tony Starks Civil War Suit, Negative Zone Noir and Manga-Verse spidey.

I will not give away all of the costumes but if you didnt pre-order your copy from EBGames/Gamestop you lose four costumes. One version of the Uni Powered Spider-Man aka Cosmic Spider-Man. Each universe got it’s own what if with these powerful suits which comes with a special charge manuver, you guessed it a Cosmic Blast. It’s a nice bonus to see what the other Spider-Men may have looked like but so far the only real Captin Cosmic is Amazing.

Graphics: The new edition from Activision looks stunning from start to end. The dimensions all have their own particular highlights and attributes but all come complete with cracking visuials backed up by wonderfully colourful characters and costumes. Technically superior and beautifully renderred.     9

Gameplay: Excellent gamingmechanics combined with fantastic battles, bosses, NPC’s and obhectives make for the best entertainment of any Spidey’s titles to date. The improved physics and use of the aerial techniques gives a much more dynamic feel to the game, and actually feels like traversing avross a crowded metropolis whilst dangling from a silk thread instead of just making the gamer overcome with motion sickness.         9

RePlay Value: Such is the first rate gaming that is to be found on all of the levels and in each of the Dimension’s that Spiderman msut enter to do battle with his foes that gamers will be reaching for the game time after time.                                                8

Presentation: So over all if you are a fan of Spider-Man and any of his incarnations you should have a blast with this game and to get the most out of it set it to hard and you will easily have 9 to 12 hours of game play. I gotta say thats not to bad for a beat’m up game. On that note true belivers Spider-Man Shattered Dimenions gets a 9 out of 10 for that we must say Excelsior!                                                                                   9


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  1. xmnmetal says:

    nice I will pick this up

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