God of War 3 Collection on sale in Europe

Great news for all us gamers in the UK and in Europe today as Sony has announce that the God of War 3 Collection has gone on sale today from all good gaming stores and retail outlets. The price is anywhere from between £49.99 and £55.00, depending on store and any offer taht they have on at that particular time but even if you end up having to pay £60.00 for this Collection you would be walking away grinning and leaving the store assistant feeling like you have just mugged him. The revamped versions of God of War and God of War 2 look absolutley stunning in their new settings and what can we say about the gameplay, characters, graphics, storyline and Kratos himself that has not already been said… exactly, tons of stuff as he is just that damn cool, but this is not the reveiw that will come later. So if you were procrastinating over whether or not God of War 3 was a sound purchase, ( shame on you! ), here’s your oppportunity to own all three in the series for what is in effect the price of one. Why are you still here? GO! NOW!

God of war 3 Collection we have found, has the best launch day price tag from Game UK and Gamestation UK at £49.99. However, if you happen to live in the South West of England and in particular Bristol then get yourself along to see Matt and the guys at Pink Planet who will always find a way to beat whatever offer is out there.


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