NCsoft ‘Goes Rogue’ in the City of Heroes

The genre leading super hero title proves that once again it can come up with the goods in the latest NCsoft expansion pack for City of Heroes. Going Rogue takes the game to another level.

When NCsoft first released the awesome City of Heroes to an admiring public gamer’s the world over were taken aback by the sheer weight of quality content and customization the title afforded players. Would the latest add-on for the critically acclaimed title have the same effect  six tears down the line?

Following the games’ launch back in 2004 City of Heroes was received with welcoming arm’s by a gaming public that marvelled at the level of play contained within the title, not to mention the fact that for the first time ever in a superhero game the player could create his very own hero from the ground up, so to speak, in the absolutely fantastic customization menu that was so in-depth it left its competitors in the field floundering in its wake like netted salmon on a riverbank.

So when in August of this year NCsoft launched the expansion pack Going Rogue for the much-loved title there was, as would be expected for such a cracking game, much anticipation, as well as expectation surrounding the add-on.  Would it follow in the footsteps of its best-selling ‘Big Brother?’ Or would it be just another ‘wannabe’ that failed to live up to the hype? Well, we are pleased to be able to tell you that once again the developers behind the scenes at NCsoft have hit the nail most firmly on the head once again as Going Rogue just seeks to reaffirm what the gaming public had already known about City of Heroes, and that is when you have got something that works as well as  the original title did, then do not, under any circumstances try to ‘fix it.’ NCsoft did not tinker, nor did they tamper with the overall winning formula that was behind the success of the original game, and it shines through so blatantly obviously in their superior  expansion for their award-winning title.

 Going Rogue carries on the tradition impeccably from where City of Heroes left on. You are given more options in this polished affair to carry on the good work that the superheroes of the first title began, of course, as well as also having a totally new map, missions, archetypes and a completely new Praetorian with which to gain access to this plethora of spanking new additions. The archetypes four new settings include the Dual Pistols, Demon Summoner, Kinetic Melee and the Electrical ability that allows you to control the elemental force as you see fit. But even better comes that all important ‘Ultra Mode’ that gives players the ability to alter the graphical outlook so that everything goes into ‘Ultra’ to give the game a completely new perspective as you see the world and your surroundings in a whole new depth of vivid detail, colour and clarity.

The gameplay itself offers up some fantastic new plot twists as well as features to enhance your experience, such as the awesome new way in which your characters abilities and moral choices will play a vital role in affecting your story and game.

The plot centres around the murky world that lies in the mist between the City of Heroes and the City of Villains. You must tread with careful footsteps as you search for the truth behind the facade that is Emperor Cole and his Praetorian Guard. What secrets lay hidden in this dark and mysterious underworld that lurks just beneath the surface of this pristine Utopia? It is up to you to find out, and the new Rogue and Vigilante alignments are there to help you uncover this web of lies and deceit that spins its way through the realms of Heroes and Villains alike.

Spoilers aside we offer you the basics that outline the premise of the game, but for fear of ruining what has to be the greatest superhero title on the market we dare not offer up any more details regarding the actual plot of the game lest we ruin it for gamers out there who have the gaming insight to pick up a copy. When all is said and done NCsoft have made an absolute diamond of a game in Going Rogue and if you like your action of the caped crusader kind then this has to be a must-buy title for you, and one that will complete your library.

Graphics: Simply sublime stuff once again from NCsoft who have managed to polish what was already a shining beacon of gaming perfection. Truly remarkable and gorgeous.                   9

Gameplay: Absolutely flawless gameplay that will leave you hooked from the first time you step out into the sunlight after you have created your own superhero. Living out your childhood fantasy’s in a world of unsurpassed beauty that leaves no stone unturned in its quest to be the greatest superhero title on the market. Seamless frames with stunning content. Amazing.     10

RePlay Value: When you consider all of the Superhero titles out there and the amount of time that gamers spend in their realms it will be amazing to you once you don your cape and mask in the City of Heroes why you will ever want to go to another superhero title ever again. With so much compelling gameplay making up the original title and the addition of the two expansion packs taking the gaming hours count to a staggering height we can safely assure you that you will be playing this title for a long time to come. There is nothing quite like this game out there.   9

Presentation: That NCsoft have managed to take the formula of a wining title, then an outstanding first expansion pack and top it all with the second add-on for the game is an achievement that we feel not many developers could have pulled off. But pulled it off they have as you will see when you purchae this title. Going Rogue is everything that any superhero title wants to be and every title aspires too. The best of the best.         10


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