Splinter Cell Conviction announced for iPhone

Simply fantastic news comes our way from Ubisoft today that their seminal title “Splinter Cell Conviction” is to be released via the Appstore for the iPhone. I mean let’s face it here guys and girls, this is quite the coup for Apple, as the game itself was a recent release for the console gamers and did exceptionally well there. So for iPhone to have acquired Ubisoft’s flagship title is quite the achievement in our book.

As most gamers are already familiar with gaming’s favourite secret agent, Sam Fisher, that is where your failiarity with Sam’s past ends as this is a game where Sam himself has been forced underground in an attempt to flush out the person responsible for the disappearance of his daughter. Along the way Sam will have to endure any number of obstacles in his quest for his little girl. Not to mention the murderous intentions of Secret  Agencies and untrustworthy contacts and allies.

The iPhone version of the game will have 10 levels set over 8 locations, where you will take Sam everywhere from Malta to the Whitehouse in his search for his daughter. You will also be able to take part in the same thrilling gameplay moves that made the title such a hit on the Xbox360. Everything that made this game such a big hit on the console is here with such moves as ‘Mark and Execute’, ‘Last Known Position’ and ‘Cover.’ There is also an astonishing iPhone exclusive level that will see you demonstrating the same classic hand-to-hand combat that Sam Fisher has perfected, and as such turned it into his signature style of takedowns, and this is a feature of the gameplay that you will get to enjoy right throughout the title. So get your gadgetry at the ready and arm your pistols and sticky bombs as Sam Fisher comes to iPhone. But just be careful viewers…. this time its personal!


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