BLUR The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush

The arrival of a new kind of racer is almost upon us gamers and gameresses. The streets cleared, the lights all set to green, and the engines suitably thrumming with power of untold wild horses. We are talking about the imminent release of Blur, Activision and Bizarre Creation’s petrolhead lovechild that is set to erase all memories of previous street racing games and wrestle the crown from Need for Speed’s faltering fingers.

When you just take a look at some of the trailers that have been released for Blur, you can’t help but notice more than just a couple of things.

Usually when a game is being hyped by the developer’s and publishers and the men behind the faceless PR machines, you may, if you are lucky, get a dozen screenshots and possibly, possibly mind you, three or four video’s. These are often a teaser trailer, an official launch, and maybe a dev diary, Oh! and a gameplay if the dev’s are feeling generous, and depending if the title is classed as a ‘blockbuster’ or not?

Well, just think about this for a moment. You want to know how I know that Blur is going to be an absolute powerhouse of a game? You want to know how I know its going to be so big its going to take you the kind of time to complete the game that you haven’t seen since titles like NFS:Underground hit the market? Well, I’ll tell you:  Blur has released so many video’s of actual in-game content, developer diaries, fan based videos, gameplay etc etc, that it truly is staggering when you think that they have released so much footage, and yet they have not even begun to touch on even a minute percentage of how much you have yet to see when you actually get to pay the game.

And don’t even get us started on screenshots. For sheer content that is available to the public prior to the games release there is nothing else like it out there, I sincerely doubt very much that there ever has been? And don’t forget this is all sanctioned assets here, this is all authorised by the developers themselves, and they have made it available for distibution and publication. So you ask me how I know that Blur is going to be the biggest racing game of the year? My answer is this: If any other racer had released the amount of content through the various screenshots, artwork, video’s and developer diaries that Bizarre Creation’s and Activision have with Blur, then they simply wouldn’t have a game left to launch!

To say that we cannot wait to get our hands on this game is like saying Maccy D’s sell the odd burger or two?

This game must be absolutely immense. The sheer weight of content already on display tells us that, and I for one will be at the forefront of the racing grid come launch day, so get your motor’s running people because these copies are going to fly off the shelves faster than a Michael Schumacher hot lap!


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