We Sing Encore reviewed by GamesMediaPro

Nordic Games joins the party again with the sequel to the Nintendo exclusive title We Sing Encore.

Grab your platform heels and sequined shirt as the karaoke night is here again!


With a whole host of singing and musical based titles being launched this year we take a look at the recently released Nordic Games sequel We Sing Encore. Will the title be hailed as th next big thing? Or will it fail at the auditions? Let GamesMediaPro help you decide if the its a hit or a miss.

Following on from the success of the 2009 release of Nordic Games first outing for the fledging franchise with We Sing, the sequel to the title gets its release amidst a flurry of publicity and with great backing from renowned artists such as Roll Deep and R&B Diva, Aleshia Dixon.

We Sing Encore comes packed with another exclusive 40 top hits and gives gamers and music lovers alike the opportunity to let their hair down with their friends and party the night away to such hits as Westlifes ‘Flying Without Wings,’ N-Dubz blockbuster smash ‘I Need You’ and of course the timeless classic of Lynrd Skynrd’s ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ and Free’s ‘Alright Now.’

Let’s understand one ting from the off though, shall we? The game is not trying to take itself too seriously like a few of its similar companions such as Sony’s Singstar and of course Microsoft’s Lip’s. This is meant to be a fun game for all the family, and the family dog if the cover is anything to go by? What is not meant to be is a game that gets people warbling away in front of their TV to the Black Eyed Pea’s one day whilst convincing themselves that they are the next Dame Kiri Te Kanawa and applying for the auditions with RADA or the Royal Operatic Society the next. So to say that the title is shallow or made to easy, as we have read in other reviews is like saying that the guy with a high Kill to Death ratio on Call of Duty should be drafted for sniper duty in Afghanistan? It just doesn’t work that way? These are games, and as such should be treated like that. They are not a true judge of pitch or whether or not you are some undiscovered talent. They are meant for friends and family to put on at a party and let their hair down as they enjoy themselves. To take them as anything else is verging on the ridiculous. I write reviews for a living, maybe I should apply to teach literature at Oxford? Or then again, maybe not.

We Sing Encore does exactly what it says it will do on the cover and nothing more. You wanted a title to pop into your console and have a giggle with your friends over as you screeched along to ‘Uptown Girl’ and gave your best impression of Billy Joel? Well that is exactly what you have got. This game is great fun. Particularly when utilised in its optimum settings, the family get together or party.  It’s just so easy to use that even you granny will be lining up to have a crack at a spot of ‘Fight for This Love’ by Cheryl Cole before she even polishes off her second snifter of port.

There is reason for the simplicity of the system and the format of We Sing Encore. There is an understanding of why it doesn’t even require that much effort to hit the right notes or even achieve a score that resembles pretty close to perfection on the pitch monitor. That reason is that it was designed that way!

Nordic Games knew exactly what they were doing and who they were doing it for when they designed the title and they have done it perfectly, for their target audience. When will the mainstream reviewers understand that to judge a title like this and score of from the stand point that it does not hold up to others in the genre is not a valid argument. The game was never developed to be a competitor to that market. The game has its own target, it has its own fan base. And lets face it, the sales figures tell a far different story than the review figure that’s for sure because this title shifts units by the boatload. So its hat’s off to Nordic Games for putting the fun back into the genre and giving their audience exactly what it was that made the original titles in the genre a success in the first place, and that being a bloody good time!

The format for the title really is as easy as we have outlined. You buy the disc, you take the disc home. Pop it into your Nintendo Wii console and let the good times roll, it’s as plain and simple as that.  And with the four player option from the Logitech microphones and plug-ins it makes for the perfect party title for people of all ages. If you want to try your hand at the solo sessions there are the opportunities to go for the completion and get that important 100%, but you can also earn yourself awards along the way too. There is an online mode and there is a stronger online community for the game than other reviewers would like you to believe, however it is in the four player party mode where the game truly comes to life. Watching relatives standing like Bucks Fizz whilst ‘cats chorusing’ their way through Bonnie Tylers ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ makes for some of the finest comedic moments that you are likely to see for some considerable length of time.

So forget what the negative naysayers are throwing out and if you re looking for a title that will bring smiles to your face and give you some of the best party moments to be had from a videogame, then do not miss out on the quality to be found in Nordic Games great sequel title, We Sing Encore. Just remember the reason that you bought it in the first place and have a cracking time. Surely that is what it is all about in this genre in the first place?

Graphics: Solid karaoke style graphics placed on top of the relative video’s from 40 top stars and their hit singles.    7

Gameplay: As far as karaoke style singing games go this one does exactly what it set out to do. Just whack it in your Wii and party the night away with family and friends, great stuff!   7

Replay Value: There will undoubtedly follow the chart history of DLC to prolong the good times to be had with this game, especially with the festive season drawing ever nearer.   8

Presentation: As we have stated here at GamesMediaPro time and again, when you are looking at a game look at it from the point of view of the people it was aimed at, so with that in mind this game does everything that it promises it will, and then some! A great gaming title for all the family to enjoy and a lot of fun.  7


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