New Mafia 2 screenshots will blow you away!

With an effect not unlike a petrol bomb coming through the window of your Cadillac, 2K Czech’s latest batch of sizzling looking screenshots for their upcoming title release, the impressive looking Mafia II, comes hurtling through the your windshield and explodes all over your line of sight in a mushroom cloud of colourful quality that is rarely going to be seen in any videogame this year. Vito and ‘da boyz’ just have such a natural look and feel to the characters, that most of the time when you are staring at a screenshot, or accompanying video trailer, you find yourself adopting that squinting gaze of furrowed brow uncertainty that has you looking at the images debating whether or not these are stills taken from a live action cinematic?

The image that we serve up on the right for you of Vito and Joe in an all action scene demonstrates this perfectly, as you can see exactly what we mean when we make the statement that every single screenshot or piece of artwork that we have published for you here on GamesMediaPro, has the sheer stand out quality running right through it, that means that the shot looks like it is either a live still, or a portrait painted by an artist of international reknown. To say this, and we do, about every single image that we have ever displayed on Mafia II is quite the endorsement. As if you have been paying attention, then you will notice that the vast majority of Mafia II screenshots that we have used are all, to a man, actual gameplay footage stills, not images that have been lifted from the opening titles or cutscenes from the game.

I have sat here for the best part of twenty minutes trying to find the correct phrase or similie with which to describe the actual gameplay still that we have for you here, and at the end of my brain storming period I have come up with the perfect description of the feeling that this awesome shot fills me with, and it can be summed up with the following conveyance of emotion, ” GRrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!”  But for the full effect of how good this shot looks, have a friend quickly nip to the freezer and rub an icecube down your spine as you roll your tongue around the growl. Now you are getting some idea of just how good this game looks!

Just let the way Vito looks in this image as he blasts away with a gun at his enemy, who is taking cover further down by the gate, soak into your conscience as you pay attention to the most minute details of the images make up. Even without using the page size increase to get the best out of the shot, (which, by the way, is how you should be viewing every single picture that we publish on our website),  you can still, even at this magnification, easily appreciate the amount of detail that the developers at 2K Czech have included in the image. You can almost make out the name of the manufacturer who designed the lock on the gate behind the target for Pete’s Sake! Its just that good!

Our last screenshot, we decided, would take a break from the action to show a more serene and sedate situation, so that we could better emphasise the level of quality and attention to detail, even in the more mundane tasks of Vito just driving his sports car from A to B. More ofen than not an article that has to display more new screenshots, but no new details on the title, would have, by now almost certainly, have had to resort to churning out facts and figures, or the standard fare of comparispons from the future title to the previous one. That is not the case with Mafia II. This is a title that impresses so much that words of praise just keep on gushing forth in an unending torrent with every screenshot that we publish. So make sure that you keep it right here with your GamesMediaPro for all the future announcements and further all new screenshots from Mafia II over the coming week. There is no doubt that the words of praise for this stunning looking title will be here too!


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