Gameshastra reveals three new Sony PSN Minis

Gameshastra reveals three new Sony PSN Minis

Flick Fishing, Crime Spree and Bee Wars Minis are announced as Gameshastra promises a whole summer of fun for PSP and PS3 owners

Gameshastra, India’s leading game developer, has announced the forthcoming release of three new PSN Minis, the ever popular Flick Fishing, Crime Spree and Bee Wars, presenting PSP and PS3 owners with a range of new gaming challenges across July and August.

Having sold over two million copies on the iPhone, Flick Fishing leads the way onto PSN Minis format. Mastering the right pace for this game is all part of the challenge. Players can fish in the testing multiplayer mode or sit back and relax at a more tranquil pace in single player mode. It has ultimate playability and striking visuals that are set to reel in PSN store goers in Europe and beyond.

It’s engines at the ready as Crime Spree offers players the chance to star as a member of the mafia in a police car chase that has limitless gameplay. It has been perfectly recreated as a PSN Mini to challenge players of all abilities.

Completing the line-up is Bee Wars Minis, buzzing its way to PSN in August. The player’s objective is to use the bees strategically to collect as much honey as possible. This turn-based strategy game entices you with simplicity and its immersion in bold beautiful colours.
Gameshastra’s Head of Europe, Martin Ogden said: “We’re excited to be bringing three more Minis to PSN. The innovation of Flick Fishing and Crime Spree has been translated from the iPhone to Minis in a way that makes them sure fire winners in the Minis format. It will be interesting to see how the simple but tactically compelling Bee Wars turn-based strategy game performs with the growing Minis audience.”

These additions to Gameshastra’s Minis range reflect the company’s ambition to become one of the driving forces in digital publishing by bringing high-quality games to the market place. It has fiercely moved towards becoming one the largest companies in digital distribution, with a portfolio that constantly swells. Gameshastra’s Head of Europe Martin Ogden added: “We want to offer PSN users award-winning games that have wide-spread appeal.”

Crime Spree, Flick Fishing and Bee Wars will be downloadable from the PlayStation Network this summer. Specific release dates will be announced shortly.

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