Fluttabyes on Steam Reviewed

Aah, Fluttabyes! Lovely ‘floaty in the breeze’ Fluttabyes!

A soft and gentle ‘arcade style’ title from Blitz1up Studio’s brought to soothe the tension of PC gamers everywhere by the power of  Steam. A kind of ‘Tetris for the Tree Hugger’, Fluttabyes takes the tried and tested formula of the ‘four in row’ system, and add’s its own spin and and format to this guaranteed hit as it epitomizes the true form of addictive gaming at its very finest. Everyone always wants to complete that ‘perfect round’ just once in their gaming career, don’t they? Must be just us then?

There are two modes on offer to the player and both of these little beauties give gamers their own individual incentives to either stay on, and free as many butterflies as you possibly can before the countdown timer of Dandelion Seeds all blow away and the game is up. in Fluttabyes ‘Survival Mode.’

Or alternatively, you could always try and see how long you could last in the aptly titled ‘Endless Mode?’

There are , of course, incentives and bonuses during both modes to entice you into that neverending loop cycle of the famous, ‘One Last Game’ scenario, as you go off in the desperate hope of stringing together the Bonus ‘LadyBirds‘,(bugs), as if you do, by some miracle, manage to string together a line of 11 of these little fella’s all in a row, then you are rewarded with the opportunity to free all of one particular colour of Ladybird on the entire screen, thus giving  you some much needed breathing space to regain your breath and poise if you, as we did, tried in earnest to achieve the fabled ‘Secert Ladybird Prize.’ In our eagerness we kept on almost getting caught out  by the rising tide of multi-coloured winged things, and so we admit that alas, as yet we can no more divulge the secret of the pesky garden critters as we could tell you how to successfully nail blancmange to the wall?

So to get to the nitty gritty and give our final verdict on Fluttabyes we have to look at the game objectively as a gamer who this kind of thing that this title was developed for, which being that we like to shoot things and generally run around hacking things into little quivering lumps, we are not. But fairs fair this is a title that, unlike many other very similar games, has bothered to feature varying backgrounds and an alternative to the usual plain coloured blocks that fall from the sky. So at least some effort was made on the part of the developers to at offer up a different and more subtle approach to corny Russian muzak being pumped at you full volume whilst your vision is bombarded with garish nightmares of offensive colour.

Graphics:  Nothing too extraordinary but nothing that assault the senses and have you reaching for the Aspirin    5

Gameplay: We have all seen it a thousand times before but at least with Fluttabyes there are the Survival and Endless modes to give some stand out features from the rest of the crowd   4

RePla Value: The biggest draw for Fluttabyes as even a self confessed survival horror fan, even I was chasing that all elusive but all so important ‘Perfect Game’     6

Presentation:  Harmless and inoffensive good wholesome family type gaming with some good alternate features to make it stand out in a sea of blandness     5


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