Codemasters’ IC 2010 hits competitiors for six!



International Cricket 2010 bowls in with new innovations to set a new standard in authentic cricket gaming

The quintessential ‘Englishman’s Game’ makes a welcome return as Codemasters release their sequels to the 2009 Ashes title, and with the right amont of modification and tweaking on the original engine to give startling result’s that see’s International Cricket 2010 lead the field in the cricketing title world.

If you are not a fan of cricket then we hardly think that this is going to be the game for you? That being said, it does capture new fans to the series with the release of each new title so it must be doing something right, yes? It bodes well then for IC 2010 that we have a couple of England’s Barmy Army cricket fan’s in the office, so that when the review code landed last week there was a small but vicious scuffle between Nina and Rob to see who was going to do the actual review. Needless to say Rob is now reviewing a PC title for our ‘Retro Reviews’ slot, and sporting a mean black eye. Whilst Nina trot’s happily off to the PS3 to claim the prize as she nurses her bruised knuckles. We hope you like her work? A word of warning to the wise, never get between a female reviewer and her fave games, it will always end in tears, yours very probably.

Trickstar Games, the Australian developer’s behind other cricketing titles from 2009 Ashes and Brian Lara, have returned this year with the next of the ‘willow and ball’ games that see’s a much improved engine tweaked to the height of its performance ability producing superb real to life action in their rather excellent title International Cricket 2010.

The game itself is comprised of the very necessary Tutorial modes, of which we cannot stress to you enough the importance of playing through these introductory lessons, through to some fine One Day and Twenty20 action, as well as the obligatory season. Though the lack of online players is a missed oportunity for some cricket fan’s to enjoy the game, it does not detract from the solo enjoyment of this game that awaits all you budding Brett Lee’s and Freddie Flintoff’s.

First off we would like to dispel the rumours and falsehood’s that seem to be circling regarding this title. The game is by no mean’s a continuous slog of whacking boundary after boundary as you amass a total runs score in the thousands. Obviously those ‘reviewers’ who began these rumours played the title on the most basic settings with every game aid switched firmly to ‘on’ in the quest to be first in releasing their reviews to the public. As you will notice by this review, and others here at GamesMediaPro, this is not the format that we adopt. We are gamers here first, and journalists second. Not the other way around. So if that means that we take a little longer to bring the review to the public to ensure that we give them the best review possible, then so be it. Just because you have your review up first does not mean that it is the best, or even the most factual. So please bear this in mind as you read our reviews and consider that we play most games through to completion on all settings before we rate a game.

The point of this two minutes of soap-box ranting is that if you do want to be like the vast majority of the view-hungry media whore ‘ree-voowers’ out there, and just whip through the game in the fastest time possible without ever experiencing all that the title has to offer, or benefitting from the excellent graphics and first rate game mechanics, then be my guest, on you go. Just don’t go bleating to all and sundry on how the game sucks and is nothing like cricket in real life. If, on the other hand, you have the gut’s and the gaming skills to knock the settings difficulty up a notch to hard and play the game as the developers wished it to be played, then you will get all the joy’s of everything that IC 2010 has to offer, and then some.

So to continue on our journey to cricketing superstardom we first played through the entire Tutorial section. Doing so prepared us well for our first sojourn into the Twenty20 match that we kicked off our cricketing career with, and first up we took on the Aussies in a grudge match that span’s cricketing history.  With everything being revamped and polished from the way that the individual players look and move, to the way that they now leap and dash and dive to take a catch. And also batting strokes, fielding positions, wicket-keeping and how you actually do something as basic as catch the ball. It is well that we learned all that was on offer in the training sections as we took a pasting from our Comonwealth kinfolk that would have seen us thoroughly demolished were it not for the lessons learned in the opening Tutorial.

The fine art of the ‘Gentleman’s Game’ has never looked better in Codemaster’s and Trickstar Games latest sizzler of a sporting title. And even though we suffered a humiliating firstgame defeat at the hands of the Aussies, we still took away from the game valuable insights into how the sublteties of the gameplay worked, and so as we ventured once more onto the hallowed turf at Lord’s to see our beloved England face the might of the Australian cricketing machine, it was with renewed optimism that we stepped up to the crease and faced our first ball from a fully confident and fearless Brett Lee.

So there you will see in that statement one of the beauties of this title. It’s replay value is immense due to the learning curve required to see you enjoying win’s over your rival cricketing nations. You must learn all of the in’s and out’s of Trickstar’s gameplay if you are to achieve any modicum of sucess.

The ‘ins and outs’ of which we speak are dazzling in their array and capablilities as you may affect everything from the flight of the ball, it’s spin, whether or not you wish to reverse that spin or play it as an inswinging top spinner or an outspinning reverse attempt?

But that’s only the beginning of the enormous amount of customization and personal preference that you have control over in IC 2010, as you are also allowed to affect your batting styles in much the same way. Everything in the batsman’s arsenal of trick’s is avilable to you as you can alter the timing of the shot, to its placement, weight, position, front foot, back foot; this list is endless, and so are the possibilities. Fielding also has new touches to it that allow you to feel closer to the ball than in previous titles, as you are now given the ability to decide ends for run-outs by throwing at either bowler or wicket keeper, and also the coolest inclusion for me personally was the in the new way that you can take a catch in the slips, or on the pitch, by moving your player until the HUD’s reticule turns green, then its just a case of pressing the ‘X’ button.

Trickstar Games really have pulled out all the stops on this one and we take our hat’s off to them for the excellent job that they have done in bringing the closest thing to actually playing in a test match right into your living room via your console.

Everything that can be done to enhance youe experience of the cricketing videogame and make it as authentic an experience as possible has been incorporated into this title by Trickstar. Right from the narrations by David ‘Bumble’ Lloyd himself, to the way that the games AI will counteract your batting and bowling styles as would your opposition in a reallife game of cricket.

International Cricket 2010 is a memorable forray into the World of cricket that will see gamers enjoying this long into the footballing off-season and further besides.

Graphics: Well rendered, well designed and well presented players and locations see the player transported form the sofa’s onto some of the World’s cricketting Mecca’s. Smooth as the proverbial and glitch free, a true gaming joy to behold.         8

Gameplay: You know the saying that “You can’t please all the people all of the time?” Well forget that as this game goes the extra yard required to make any who experience IC 2010 thoroughly warm to the game, as it plays better than by cricket title out there. The addition of the new features makes IC 2010 one of this year’s top sporting titles.                            8

RePlay Value: One of the things that we loved about this title was the difficlut learning curve making the resultant successes all the more sweeter as we came back for more time and time again on the quest for cricketting glory.               9

Presentation:  With the addition of four new nation’s, the all new gameplay and features and fantastic graphics that make for a ride as smooth as silk, IC 2010 is the cricket game that fan’s have been waiting for. Indeed presentation as a whole is excellent, with a smooth menu system and fully customisable HUD that effectively lends a hand in helping you to line up your shots, or switch between deliveries intuitively. The stadiums are well represented also, with a cracking fun atmosphere ithat is generated from the crowds.



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