Zattika announces Saucer Panic

– Zattikka, a major new player in the online and mobile gaming market is today delighted to announce the release of their newest casual gaming hit, Saucer Panic.

Saucer Panic lets the player take charge of space traffic control on a series of busier and busier planets and space stations whilst constantly scanning the skies for comets, asteroids and other passing traffic! A myriad of in-game upgrades are available to the user, from the ability to rewind time to a ‘Panic Button’ which automatically lands all saucers at once, saving a possible disaster on an astronomical scale! Do you have what it takes to go up through the ranks to become a Space Traffic Controller, or will you succumb to Saucer Panic?  Test your skill now at

Zattikka’s presence in the industry was firmly established with the acquisition of the popular portal Gimme5Games – hosting an extensive variety of well known titles such as Butt Scan, Balloon Headed Boy and the Phantom Mansion series.  Now with Saucer Panic, Zattikka are expected to add to the impressive lineage that precedes this new title.

“This addictive new game lets you try out your skills at space traffic control without having to worry about asteroid ash or pesky spaceship crew strikes,” said Tim Chaney, CEO of Zattikka. “As well being a great game, this is also one of our first premium titles, rewarding dedicated players with additional tools to manage the game for an even better gaming experience.”

Saucer Panic offers these additional upgrades for improved traffic control via the Mochi Coins system from MochiMedia ( This enables gamers to purchase useful abilities easily using many different payment types.


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