Happy 4th Birthday DragonFable!

Players enjoy birthday bonuses!

Each week during this month, the team will have a special bonus “gift” release as an additional birthday tribute. The highly anticipated color customizable version of the Evolved DragonLord class was released today! Next week’s bonus is expected to be an in-game pet inspired by the happy birthday balloon Chickencow the team accidently exploded on the lawn while taking pictures. 

The Artix Entertainment team and adventurous players alike are currently celebrating the four-year anniversary of their favorite F2P web-based RPG, DragonFable, in the only way we know how: with bigger, better, and more dragony-er releases! Two epic storylines are being run this summer along with weekly bonus items for all who participate in the festivities. We would have bought a cake, too, but having a fire dragon blow out birthday candles did not end well last time.

DragonFable is a free, browser-based Role Playing Game built in Flash. It features a traditional fantasy environment and a player-inspired plot , customizable characters, and is updated weekly with new weapons, armors, quests, features, and… some really weird stuff. Play in your web browser for free at www.DragonFable.com!

200 weekly updates and counting…you have nooooo idea….

Creating and delivering 200 weekly releases is undoubtedly a dragon-sized feat (including the claws), especially when you consider some weeks are significantly shorter due to holidays or special events. Our creative team’s unfailing imagination and dedication prevailed every single week for the past four years, undeterred by wind, rain, and, since we’re based in Florida, hurricanes and mosquito flurries.

Sometimes there’s laughter, sometimes there’s panic, but we’re pleased to report that only 12 computers have been lost as a direct result of deadline pressures, too much caffeine, and Ramen noodle overdoses. 

For more information about Artix games, visit www.artixentertainment.com and:

AdventureQuest Worlds at www.aqworlds.com

EpicDuel at www.epicduel.com

DragonFable at www.dragonfable.com

MechQuest at www.mechquest.com

AdventureQuest at www.battleon.com

You can follow or friend Artix on…
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  1. Hey just posting to say your page is not working correct for me. i’m using ie8 it could be me though as there are other sites that are looking mucked up to me too.

    • Hope all is working better for you now? We are currently in the middle of a major site build so hopefully our new site will work better for you? Let us know if this continues to happen and we will look into it for you, okay?

      best wishes

      GamesMediaPro admin

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    • thanks for your comment, and we are glad you like our blog too. Here’s hoping when we take it to the next level later this year that you all come over to us when we have our new site build up and running? Tell your friends! 🙂

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