Takeuchi say’s “No” to Resident Evil 6

In a recent interview with the guys from Xbox360World Jun Takeuchi, one of Capcom’s lead producer’s and famed for such gaming delights as Resident Evil 5 and the due for release Lost Planet 2, told reporter’s that he felt that there was too much pressure and expectation placed upon him to follow in the huge footsteps of Resident Evil 4  producer Shinji Mikami. And that if anything the only thing you could expect from him with any degree of certainty was that it will be at least ” two olympic’s away” before he attempts another instalement in the much-loved series. Speaking fankly with the Xbox360World team he said:

“Yes, it’s true we did feel extreme pressure – and Mikami’san’s shadow – after Resi 4. However, because we were creating the sequel to this huge franchise we wanted to make our fresh direction clear.”  he went on to say, “Personally, I don’t think I’m gonna deal with Resident Evil 6 at all – as far as the series is concerned I’m not planning to return until at least two more Olympics have passed!”

So there you have it fans of the Resi Evil series, straight from the horses mouth-so to speak. The only consolation that we can take from this is that Takeuchi-san will have his full time and attention to devote to a completely new title, and if in time he does decide to come back to the Resident Evil franchise then it will be with a clear head and fresh new idea’s from the break allowed him by his hiatus. We wish him success in all future projects.

special thanks to the xbox360 World team


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