Resurgence Pack reviewed

Well, here it is at last folks, the full rundown from GamesMediaPro on the multiplayer gaming colossus that is, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2’s second in the DLC series,   “Resurgence Pack”

To begin with, let’s get one thing clear from the start shall we? We too had to pay the 1200 Microsoft point’s to get our hands on this DLC, so we don’t want you to think that we are swayed by a ‘freebie’ landing in the mail. It didn’t, and we aren’t!                               

First up on the agenda is Vacant An absolute screamer of a map from the original Modern Warfare days of Call of Duty 4, but by no means has this beauty aged during the years that have passed between it and its younger more muscular brother In fact if anything, the map has definately been given a ‘wash and brush up’ by the guys and girls over at Infinity Ward, and this baby plays as well as it ever did. Couple that with added ‘tightness’ of Modern Warfare 2, and you know you are in for a gaming delight as you revisit an area of fond fragging memories

Which, in turn, brings us nicely back to the warm memories of charging around the second of the Modern Warfare original multiplayer map’s in the ‘Strike’ zone. This map for me on a personal level, is one of my all time favourite Call of Duty maps, of any of the franchises titles. And yes, I know it has that annoying little ‘camper’ spot on the stairs, but here’s the thing…whether you like it or not ‘camping’ is here to stay my friend. You would’nt stop in the middle of a Taliban led insurgencey and cry out, ” No fair, he’s sniping!! That’s it I’m taking my gun and going home if you are going to play like that!” Well, maybe you would, but we can guarantee you one thing, you wouldn’t be doing it too many times that’s for damn sure! Camping is, in itself, a tactic, and is a valid part of warfare. Any warfare. Dated or modern, so just get used to checking your corners like a real squaddie has to, and maybe then you will take some joy in spraying Angus McBastard’s smug sniper brains all over the wallpaper? Or maybe you will just run into his Claymore instead?

The first of the brand spanking new maps comes tearing around the bend and before T-Bagging you, blatantly ‘no-scopes’ you with an Intervention. It’s ‘Trailer Park’ everyone, and what a little sizzler of a map this cracker is! When we  just described how this map entered with an Intervetion, we were of course reffering to the fact that for all you ‘run and gunners’ out there, who like nothing better than to take revenge on young ‘Angus’, then this is the map for you. As unless our sniping chum’s can get you with a ‘no-scope’ then it is time for them to take to their heel’s in this map, where the table will most surely have been turned on their static asses. The only downside to the map is certainly going to be when ‘Angus’ trades his sniper rifle in for his ‘Noob-Tube’ and waits once more for unsuspecting, and less cautious victims at any one of the maps numerous bottlenecks and intersections.

Yum-yum-yum! This new map is just finger licking good in every kind of mode that is available to the online multiplayer. A huge sprawling map that takes place over, under and around every pipeline in an Oil Refinery, hence the name‘Fuel’. Snipers beware as there are many pitfalls awaiting you here also, but what we found most enjoyable on this particular map was the Hardcore Search and Destroy. To be honest we only ever play hardcore as it add’s a greater sense of realism to the gameplay and makes even the most blase of ‘run and gunners’ that little bit more cautious. Maybe with the exception of one El Presador, who will just plough headlong into the fray regardless of method, mode or madness. The madness usually being his, but he does seem to have a lot more fun in his gameplay than a lot more of the ‘tactical types’ out there? A lesson for us all I think? So enjoy this map for the huge combat area that it offers with the variety of areas within its own zones.

Last, but by no means least in any way, shape or form, comes the map that can only be described as Disneyland having a bad case of a seriously pissed off customer who comes back armed to the teeth with grenades and a rocket launcher.‘Carnival.’ Its almost Fallout 3 the way that this funfair looks so utterly devastated. But worry your head not as there are still plenty of places for you to duck into cover, and and take aim on those people obsessed with cimbing any structure placed in front of them. We had to snigger as one guy in particular who we won’t name for fear of shaming him, repeatedly came back to the same spot to try and climb the ruined rollercoaster, even though at every attempt ‘Angus’ ventilated his melon with a satisfactory ‘pop!’  So all in all another great map for both snipers and the run and gun crowd as this seemed to be the more balance of the three in terms of favouring neither style of combat.

So to the final result. We know that there are really only three new maps, regardless of whatever spit and polish Infinity Ward may have put on them, and yes we know that 1200msp’s is a lot for DLC. But at the end of the day people what else are you going to do? Not play it? Fine, don’t, nobody is twisting your arms off here if you refuse to purchase the maps. We chose to buy them and all we can do is offer you our review on them, and that goes a little something like this..stunning! Again! There really is nothing else out there on the market quite like Call of Duty and its as simple as that. And until there is, we will all continue to pay whatever Activision require of us to take part in the multiplayer for one simple reason and one simple reason only, We Love It!!

CoD:MW2 “Resurgence Pack” gets a stunning 10/10


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