UFC Undisputed 2010 Review

We have to apologise, first off, to our readers who were expecting our review a little earlier than this, however this is mainly due to the fact that we assume the carrier-pigeon with which THQ had dispatched our review code, had either been shot down over ‘enemy lines’ near Future Publishing in Bath, or it got lost trying to navigate the Swindon ‘Magic Roundabout?’ ( haven’t we all??-ed. ).

So without much further procrastination, and barring any technical hitch’s that could cause even more delays, here is the article. We would like to thank our guest writer ‘SuicideKyd’ for supplying the review, and look forward to working with him on future reviews, let us know how he did in the comments box.

To start this off there have been a few UFC video games before the dated 09/010 series. The titles I speak of are Ultimate Fighting Championship (Dreamcast and PS1), UFC: Tapout (Xbox), UFC: Throwdown (PS2), UFC: Tapout 2 (Xbox), UFC: Sudden Impact (PS2) and the of course we have the two newest entrys, UFC 2009 Undisputed (PS3 and Xbox 360) and UFC Undisputed 2010 (PSP, PS3 and Xbox 360).

In UFC 2010 Undisputed you have your usual gaming modes in there, such as ‘Exibition’ for Player vs CPU, CPU vs CPU and Player vs Player. There is ‘Ultimate Fights’ which allow you to relive history OR rewrite the fight for rewards, such as small video files from the fight. They have many different states, such as Ultimate Fights 09, Ultimate Knockouts, Ultimate Submissions and Ultimate Classics. But the thing to suprise the Playstation 3 owners are the ‘Playstation 3 Exclusive Fights’ such as Griffin vs Jardeine.

Controls are still the same. That being the usual square, triangle, circle, and cross formulae, with which you will execute the appropriate fighting maneouvre, such as punch, kick etc. If you hold your L2 your kicks target the legs and with punchs target the midsection. The tutorial will fully explain the controls in much more depth and you can score a easy trophy and achievement. Bonus!

Other modes available are the ‘Create A Fighter’, also known online and  around the internet as CAF. You get the option to list where you fight out of, and also where you are from. You get to choose your height, weight divison, body type, skin pigment and your trunks to name but a few of the customization options that are on offer to you. If you want to spend a little time, and give your budding Mr.Marciano a little care and attention? You can really do your character some justice with all of the options that are available to you, from sculpting your fighters goatee beard to which fighting style your man will prefer in the custom ‘Create a Fighter’ menu. 

If you plan to do a season, however, make sure to start a new one before you make your CAF, as it will ask you to build another fighter from that point. The controls are the same as UFC 09 version of the game, except for a few nice changes such as ‘Sway’, which you achieve by holding the R2 and flicking your left stick.

The graphics have also been revamped, as only a few people last year had the kind of details that the entire cast of fighters seem to have been created with this time around? Another improvement to the game was the fact that your own fighter, when created in the CAF mode, seems to be able to hold his own in the ring a lot more competently against the professional fighters from the real world of Mixed-Martial Arts fighting.

The quick recap of the games modes on offer are, ‘Exibition’, ‘Ultimate Fights’, ‘Create a Fighter’, and of course there is the ‘Online’ section of the game for Player and Ranked matches. Online can also be used to join a ‘Fight Camp’ with a friend, or someone you have met online to team up with. Once you are in a camp you can do Camp vs Camp bout. A good inclusion was the ability for you to act as a Trainer, there is also the option that you be the guy who is to be trained, but hey why have a dog and bark yourself, huh? 

Online player matchs dont count against your online record and you can just have fun with friends if you feel like just busting heads without affecting your online ratio’s. By using the invite feature on player matches you can invite friends and acquaintances for practice and friendly bouts, or you can just give your friends a proper pasting depending on what kind of day you have had at work? UFC 2010 could well turn out to be the Stress-Toy of the noughties. Ranked matchs, however, do seem to be where the serious fighters have gone. As here is wher the ‘Win,Loss and Draw’ ratio’s will come into affect and alter your online stats and rankings.

Although UFC 2010 has a fine career, or season mode. It has to be said that when we took the game online it was here that our ship of silky shorted wrecking machines seemed to run aground? For a game that was hyping its online play as one of its main selling points, we could therefore, not understand why it was taking us so long to find any kind of match, and that did not include the extra wait associated with the online ranked player matches. Also the Fight camp was glitch-fest that saw us reaching for the menu and reverting back to the season . In a time where companies such as THQ are looking to charge people to play online you would think that they had the decency, at the very least, to make the online function and facilities of their games work to a higher standard than is the norm, sadly, in the case of UFC Undisputed 2010, this does not seem to be the case and until the glitches and fixes are accomplished, we can rate this game at no more than a generous              6 out of 10

Based on the online capabilities of the game alone? We’d say that UFC Undisputed 2010 is a lover, not a fighter.

Below lies the charts of all weights and fighters that are included in this year’s title.

Belarus Andrei Arlovski  
Netherlands Antoni Hardonk  
Brazil Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira  
United States Brendan SchaubDLC  
United States Brock Lesnar  
United States Cain Velasquez  
France Cheick Kongo  
United States Dan SevernPS  
United States Eddie Sanchez  
Brazil Fabricio Werdum  
United States Frank Mir  
Brazil Gabriel Gonzaga  
United States Heath Herring  
England James McSweeneyDLC  
Brazil Junior dos Santos  
United States Justin McCully  
The Bahamas Kimbo Slice  
United States Marcus JonesDLC  
Croatia Mirko Cro Cop  
England Mostapha Al Turk  
United States Pat Barry  
United States Roy NelsonDLC  
United States Shane Carwin  
Netherlands Stefan Struve  
United States Todd Duffee  
Light Heavyweights
United States Brandon Vera[HW]  
United States Chuck Liddell  
United States Forrest Griffin  
United States Jason Brilz  
United States Jon Jones  
United States Keith Jardine  
Poland Krzysztof Soszynski  
Brazil Luiz Cane  
Brazil Lyoto Machida  
United States Mark Coleman[HW]  
United States Matt Hamill  
Brazil Mauricio Rua  
United States Quinton Jackson  
United States Rashad Evans  
United States Rich Franklin[MW]  
United States Ryan Bader  
United States Stephan Bonnar  
United States Steve Cantwell  
Brazil Thiago Silva  
United States Tito Ortiz  
United States Amir Sadollah  
United States Anthony Johnson  
United States Carlos Condit  
United States Chris Lytle  
England Dan Hardy  
South Korea Dong Hyun Kim  
United States Dustin Hazelett  
United States Frank Trigg  
Canada Georges St-Pierre  
England James Wilks  
United States Jon Fitch  
United States Josh Koscheck  
Armenia Karo Parisyan  
United States Marcus Davis  
Denmark Martin Kampmann[MW]  
United States Matt Hughes  
United States Matt Serra[LW]  
United States Mike Swick[MW]  
Brazil Paulo Thiago  
Brazil Royce GraciePS  
Brazil Thiago Alves  
United States BJ Penn[WW]  
Japan Caol Uno  
United States Clay Guida  
United States Cole Miller  
Germany Dennis Siver  
United States Diego Sanchez[WW]  
Mexico Efrain Escudero  
United States Frankie Edgar  
United States Gray Maynard  
Brazil Hermes Franca  
United States Jens Pulver[PS]  
United States Joe Lauzon  
United States Joe Stevenson  
United States Kenny Florian  
United States Kurt Pellegrino  
United States Nate Diaz  
England Ross Pearson  
United States Sean Sherk[WW]  
United States Spencer Fisher  
England Terry Etim  
United States Tyson Griffin  
United States Alan Belcher  
Brazil Anderson Silva[LH]  
United States Chael Sonnen  
United States Chris Leben  
United States Dan Henderson[LH]  
United States Dan Miller  
Brazil Demian Maia  
Canada Denis Kang  
United States Drew McFedries  
United States Kendall Grove  
England Michael Bisping[LH]  
United States Nate Marquardt  
United States Nate Quarry  
Canada Patrick Côté  
Brazil Ricardo Almeida[WW]  
Brazil Vitor Belfort[LH]  
Brazil Wanderlei Silva[LH]  
Brazil Wilson Gouveia[LH]  
Japan Yoshihiro Akiyama  
Japan Yushin Okami  

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