Dragon Ball Origins 2 breaks loose in the UK!


– Latest Instalment in the Hit Series Based on the Global Smash Anime Brings New Features and Multiplayer Action to PAL territories  in Summer 2010 –

Face off against the Red Ribbon Army 


Relive the Red Ribbon Army Saga and experience all the key events from the original anime series through eight different multi-level episodes. A private army led by Commander Red, the Red Ribbon Army has soldiers all over the world in search of the enchanted Dragon Balls. Even now, their shadow looms over Goku as he sets off unaware of what lies in wait…

Dragon Ball: Origins 2 introduces some big gameplay changes to the controls, camera and playable characters, even letting fans team up for multiplayer action.  The enhanced control system is even more accessible, letting players choose between stylus and control pad to find their ideal playing style, while the new situation-based camera system adapts with the gameplay to bring players as close as possible to the experience of a full-scale 3D action game. 

Taking the game beyond the single player experience of the first title, Dragon Ball: Origins 2 lets up to two players with the game play together via ad-hoc play to defeat a series of increasingly formidable bosses across special stages, all of which can also be tackled in single player mode. Players can even use their saved character data from the single player Adventure mode while battling alongside friends in co-op mode.

Throughout the game in both adventure and co-op modes, players will be given opportunities to play as one of the popular heroes other than Goku from the series bringing a fun new dimension to the adventures.

With Dragon Ball-busting side-on boss battling and heart-stopping aerial fights shown on the upper screen, the game comes even closer to reproducing the signature intense aerial assaults of the Dragon Ball anime.  If you want authentic Dragon Ball fun, action and adventure, coupled with a full serving of dazzling gameplay improvements and multiplayer co-op, then look no further.  Can I hear a ‘Kamehameha”?

Developed by Game Republic, Dragon Ball: Origins 2 is scheduled for launch across PAL territories in summer 2010. For more information about NAMCO BANDAI Games and its entire line up, please visit www.namcobandaigames.eu. For all future developments on Dragon Ball Origins 2 and the Dragon Ball series, as well as all future Namco Bandai titles, then remember to subscribe to the GamesMediaPro website to get the news first.


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