Prism for iPod reviewed

Ponos’ latest puzzler for the Apple iPod and iPhone has mobile gaming fans smiling all the way to the App Store.

Great visual’s and compelling gameplay has Prism standing tall amongst the Ponos iPod applications.

The latest title to come out of the Ponos development studio’s for Apple’s App Store is the rather tantalizingly entitled ‘Prism.’ This block based head-scratcher will leave gamers coming back for more with some of the most addictive gaming we have yet to experience for Apple’s dazzling array of handheld gaming goodies.

With a central theme of a kind of 3D Jenga, the gamer has to construct a tower of coloured blocks that arrive in all manner of shapes and sizes. Of course time is an issue, as is the way of things in all walks of the gamers life, meaning that it really is ‘fastest fingers first’ as you must spin and test your blocks to discover the most suitable position for the puzzles solution.

The game allows players to unlock bonuses for stringing together ‘chains’ of correctly positioned blocks and this leads to the all-important high score coming into effect. With global leaderboards for those gamers out there with IQ’s that work as quickly as their index fingers, players  will soon be earning tat Gamers Gold otherwise known as ‘bragging rights’ over their friends and colleagues.

The sheer genius of the title lies in its simplicity and its compulsive gameplay that makes for a truly satisfying and thoroughly enjoyable experience. For us more ‘mature’ gamers out there the option to have the iPhone keypad functions double as a more traditional style of gaming control is a welcome feature that can be too easily overlooked by most developers of a handheld title, but this is not the case when dealing with industry leaders Ponos.

Other cracking features in Prism are dependant on which Apple product you choose to play the title on. So should you decide that you want to play the game using your iPod Touch then you will be able to listen to, and enjoy, all your favourite tunes that you have stored on your iPod as you baffle your brain with one of the most fun to play titles in its genre. The difficulty levels can be adjusted so that the novice player is not thrown in at the deep end, however for all you budding Prism Perfectionists out there you also have the option to put into practise an extra mode that has een designed strictly for the more advanced player of the game. Controls for the game are, once again, touch based and very easy to pick up with a mere flick of a finger left or right deciding in which direction your block will rotate.

Graphics: Gaming on handheld device has come along way since following a snake around your mobile phone screen as your brain creates mental images of nails being drawn across blackboards. Ponos have managed to create a handheld title that would not look out-of-place in the Playstation Store, Steam or Xbox Live Arcade. Colourful 3D graphics that are uncluttered and precise bring Prism to life and a smile to the players face. 8

Gameplay: Coming from the generation that grew up listening to tinny-tunes of a Tetris theme, we can openly admit to being completely hooked by Prism’s highly addictive gameplay. The simplicity in its design makes for a title that will have gamers returning time and time again as they strive to see their score at the top of the global leaderboards. Prism has a basic gameplay mechanic that makes playing the title so easy that anyone can do it, and do it well with just a little practice.                                  9

RePlay Value: As stated in the gameplay section the ease with which any age group can pick up Prism and simply play and enjoy it is a major factor in its appeal to mass audiences. The leaderboards and bragging rights will, no doubt, benefit the replay value of the game, but we feel that the real reason behind the success and longevity of the title, not to mention the fact why people will return repeatedly to have their brain baffled, is the sheer joy of the gaming that Prism offers.                         9

Presentation: To summarise then is to commend Ponos for developing one of the best looking titles for the Apple handheld’s this year. Top that off with the fact that Prism has taken the puzzler genre and reignited the flame of fun that used to be a regular feature of these titles but alas has been missing for so long. Fun to play, easy to pick up and easy on the eye make for an all round enjoyable experience when purchasing Prism from the App Store. A cracking title.   9


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