Playstation Network to return May 4th

Bringing relief and joy to over 70 million Sony gamers is the news that the Playstation Network will return with possible limited functionality on May 4th, 2011.

Following the outage that has seen PSN down and out for almost two full weeks we can now confirm that the Playstation Network will make its grand re-opening on May 4th, 2011 to the relief of many a put out player who has been missing their daily dose of online action.

In what has been an almost unprecedented period of online blackout for the Sony Playstation Network GamesMediaPro can confirm that the service will resume, albeit with a possible limited format for the first few day’s of its resurrection, on May 4th. Hackers had succeeded in gaining access to the once closed system thanks to the ‘jailbreaking’ of the network by George ‘Geohot’ Hotz earlier this year when the lauded hacker turned his attention to the games console following his defeat of Apple’s iPhone early in 2008.

Paving the way for other consortium’s of cyber terrorists such as FAILoverfl0w and the self-proclaimed ‘voices of freedom’ ANONymous, the system has had to endure ongoing assaults from pirates and thieves as they have attempted to copy everything from software to games and also the online identities and credit card details of a possible 70+ million users of Sony’s free to play service.

The announcement that even a limited service, that may see gamers back to playing their favourite games in less than a week, will no doubt bring cheer to a multitude of people, but where does it leave Sony with regard to future attacks and protests that have been promised by Geohot and ANONymous? As we reported yesterday there have been several arrests made regarding the downing of the online service, but until we see a genuine case put through the courts where the instigators and purveyors of these devastating attacks are put to rights from a legal standpoint, and have a maximum penalty handed down to them, we fear that the more attacks will be a result of the weak legislation and punishment of these hackers.


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