First Allods Online expansion goes live in July

gPotato Europe is pleased to announce the release date of the first Allods Online expansion on the portal. Volume 1: Revelations of Gipat will come to the European servers on Tuesday, July 6th 2010.

With this expansion Allods Online will introduce a new zone, new content and many more quests. To make life easier for all players, some parts of the game mechanism will see a change.

Thanks to intensive testing and feedback from the Allods Online community, the controversial and unpopular debuff ‘Fear of Death’ – a death penalty that occurred 100% of the time and reduced all of the statistics of the players by 25% – is removed with the new expansion.

Nevertheless, Volume 1: Revelations of Gipat won’t make life too easy! With the introduction of the ‘Cursed Items’ all players will have to face a new challenge when dying. Randomly, a slot in their equipment will be chosen to receive a curse on that item by inverting its statistics bonus. For example, if a belt normally gives +8 Wisdom, when cursed, it would take away -8 Wisdom instead.

But don’t worry – not every item will receive a curse; only rare quality (blue) or higher items can be cursed. Maybe you’ll be lucky and the chosen slot will be empty or have an uncommon quality (green) or lower item equipped, and then you won’t get this penalty at all.

For more detailed information regarding Allods Online, and also gPotato and 505 Games, then makes sure you check in with GamesMediaPro on July 1st, 2010 when we release the announcement from gPotato. To join the Allods Online commmunity and be a part of this hugely popular and successful MMO, then make fly on over to the gPotato website at and register for your ‘free’ Allods account. You can then download the full game at;

Therein awaits a world of astounding gameplay just waiting for you all to discover it.


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  2. Kinda off-topic here but thought you would like to know that your page looks great on my new IPad. Not bragging, just thought you’d like to know 😉

  3. This particular site is simply fantastic and also i seriously like it! Well done!

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