Activision has the Golden Touch: Golden 007 reviewed

Activision prove that once again they have the ‘Midas Touch’ as everything they touch turns to gaming gold.


From the opening shots in Eurocom’s frist rate first-person shooter you can see that their reimagined rendition of Rare’s classic Goldeneye title has put the premium back into Bond.

After reviewing Activision’s other awesome Bond title for GamesMediaPro just two day’s ago, I have to admit that I had little to no hope at all that Goldeneye could offer up anything more to me in the way of my ‘double-O’ enjoyment. How wrong I was.  Eurocom have firmly stamped their own authority on the Nintendo Wii and NDS titles and have managed to create something that is as equally compelling as its relative over on the Playstation 3, PC and Xbox360.

Immediately after witnessing the stunning opening sequences do you get the feeling that you are in for something just that little bit different and that little bit special on the Nintendo exclusive title. Right from the off we are thrown headlong into the mire in a daring and heart-pounding truck chase as Bond and his ally, Trevelyan, are pursued by the merciless foes that are the storylines main antagonists.

Centered around a plot the see’s our hero Bond returning to the Cold War day’s with Daniel Craig playing the lead role, as opposed to the original Goldeneye’s Pierce Brosnan, there are all the things that you expect to see in a Bond title and a few more besides. The decision by the developers to allow for some artistic leeway and add to the magnificent cast of bad guys such luminary figures  as Odd Job, Scaramanga and even the evil Ernst Blofeld himself was, in our opinion an inspired decision and one that appeals to Bond fan’s everywhere.

Whereas the original outing for the title helped to make first-person shooters the powerhouse in gaming that it so very obviously is, it is a little unfair to assume that this remake could hope to achieve the same kind of landmark footing in an age dominated by Call of Duty and Halo. That’s not to say that it is in any way a underachiever. Far from and perish that very thought young man, (-or woman.  Ed, ). Goldeneye 007 is an excellent FPS title in its own right, and to top it all off you know it has to be good when people are even drawing similarities to the aging trend setter. It may just be the best first person shooter that is available to players on the Nintendo Wii system, and that in itself should go some ways to explaining just how much this game has to offer.

The graphic’s are as solid and dependable as anything that you will ever see on Nintendo’s console, and for that you have to commend the developers. Many have tried to bring FPS to the Wii, but nearly all have failed miserably in their attempts. Finishing somewhere between awful on-rails or just plain wrong. Eurocom have succeeded where so many have fallen at the first hurdle. It is helped, in part, by the fact that the game was mainly designed to be played using the cracking Retro styled classic Wii controller. There is alway’s the option to use the standard Nunchuck and Wiimote, or even the Wii ‘Zapper,‘ however we would say to gamers out there that to fully get the best out of Goldeneye 007 then you must invest in the Golden Controller. You don’t have too, but it just feel’s so right when playing with it.

The split-screen make a welcome return to the fold and once again it is an instant hit as you and three friends can run around the goodly mix of location’s choosing to opt for everything from paintball’s to the very Golden Gun itself. The screens are all large enough and well-lit, with excellent attention to detail that keeps in line with the entire single player campaign.

The multiplayer is as compelling as anything that you will see on the networks, and just to make it have that little something extra Eurocom have allowed gamers to play as Scaramanga and the rest of the evil ne’er-do-well’s as they stalk the online modes looking for their next victim’s. The weapons and gadgetry are all there for players to enjoy and there is nothing quite like the feeling when after performing a decent or difficult kill than being rewarded with that quintessential soundbite that accompanies all Bond outings.  The control’s all handle well and the game is entirely glitch free and run’s with less bug’s than a Domestos advertisement.

To summarise then. We entered into the classic plotline of Cold War Russians planning monstrous dastardly deed’s with oversized EMP weapons thinking something along the lines of, “Here we go.” Instead what we got was the best encounter that e have enjoyed on the Wii console for some considerable length of time, and then some. The graphic’s are smooth as are the game mechanic’s, and the voice-acting and dialogue well-written and well acted. The story plays out very well over 14 separate missions that will have you coming back for more, such is the addictive nature of even the single player. The multiplayer and split screen modes are both excellent inclusions to an already great game and if you are looking for a sizzling action shooter for the Nintendo console this Christmas then it just has to be Goldeneye 007.

Graphics: Considering that the game is featured as an exclusive to the limited power of Nintendo’s systems Goldeneye 007 looks surprisingly detailed, smooth and vividly detailed. Eurocom have managed to make their title look incredibly fresh and clean, and if this is the future of shooters for the Nintendo Wii, then we just hope that other developers are paying attention on how to make a compelling game for the system         8

Gameplay: It’s good old-fashioned first person shooter action all the way here as Bond get’s to utilise his prowess with an arsenal of weapons with which he uses to dispose of his multitude of enemies. Handling exceptionally well and making the very most of the frame rate, Goldeneye 007 is cracking stuff.    8

RePlay Value: The fourteen missions make for great gaming, but we feel that the true success of the title will lie in its split screen and multiplayer options as they are both just so much fun to play with friends and online.                       7

Presentation: Eurocom have done a sterling job with Goldeneye 007. This was a title that was inspirational to developers in its day, so scrutiny was always likely to be on them as they launched their rendition of the classic gaming title. The graphic’s look superb and the script is worthy of the Bond brand name. The voice acting is first class and the gameplay itself is utterly compelling to the point that we did not want to put it down. Goldeneye 007 heralds a new era of FPS for the Wii8


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