Demons Souls set for ‘limited’ UK release

Beautiful, compelling and unforgiving, ‘Demons Souls’ is the hardcore RPG that Playstation 3 owners have been crying out for since the platforms launch.

Envelop yourself in the kingdom of Boletaria, a dark and desolate land that is devastated by the cruel fog that brings forth such terrifying creatures of unspeakable horror that come in search of the very soul’s of mortal men.  Players must persevere to destroy these hideous apparitions as they endure unforgiving and constant combat, and ultimately must collect the very souls of these beasts with which to strengthen their own powers so that they may better continue to fight for the fate of humanity.

Players must progress through dark and foreboding castles and dungeons as they travel a non-linear path passing through deep, dark caves and dank cavenous expanses as they attempt to avoid the many traps and pitfalls that litter the route that is stretched out before them. If you are to survive the ordeal to emerge triumphant in your quest, then you must quickly learn to adapt and overcome, as you have to constantly alter tactics and combat to suit the countless situations and confrontations that will present themselves to you in the demons attempts to thwart your gallant efforts.

With all-new and revolutionary online features that will assist and support your character like never before, which presents seamless interconnectivity that serves to enhance the players experience in the games single player campaign. Players may even team-up with friends to continue their struggle in awesome co-operative play that sees the united allies confronting some of Demons Souls colossal bosses together in an unrivaled co-op experience. However there is also the groundbreaking opportunity to go online with your character to force your way into another players game and challenge them to some ‘one to one’ action in the PvP mode.

In a unique and innovative twist on the multiplayer game, players may even leave ‘residual footprints’ for other gamers to follow, whether deliberate or inadvertant? If you were to enter an area where a previous gamer was slain in combat, then you may view the event through the ‘blood trail’ that the vitim left behind. Thus benefitting the gamer who pays heed to the insight and uses that knowledge to avoid a similar fate at the hand of whoever, or ‘whatever’, caused the untinely denise of the previous combatant?

Demons Souls is a title that is unprecedented in its depth and subtlety, and in its relentless and merciless gameplay it is second to none for the sheer quality of play that the title is reknowned for. Demons Souls is the ultimate RPG challenge.

Developers ‘From Software’ and Namco Bandai have confirmed that there will be a very limited UK and EU release of the Demons Souls title, which is due to hit gaming stores and all good retail outlets on June 25th, 2010. So if you have not yet been able to reserve your copy then we suggest that you get yourself along to Pink Planet or Game UK and reserve your copy as soon as possible. Taking a look at the Limited Edition contents in the image below and to your right, is just one more reason that this title  should have you clamouring for your telephone or keyboard to reserve your copy online? Or failing that you could always just set up camp outside your local Pink Planet to make sure that you are first in the queue on release day?

For all further developments and announcements relating to Demons Souls and all other future titles from both Namco Bandai and From Software make sure that you have subscribed to the fastet growing cyberzine around, GamesMediaPro. 

The Demons Souls review will be available for your viewing pleasure very soon.

©2010 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Licensed to and published by NAMCO BANDAI

Games Europe S.A.S.


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